Lisa Mariani ’14

I am in my fourth year of the PhD program and on NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program. I am currently in classes, a TA, and conducting research. My advisor is Kevin Turner and our lab focuses on the mechanics of materials. My research is focused on the mechanics of cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs), which are biodegradable fibers that have potential applications as thin films and nanofiller materials in composites. I am probing the fracture mechanics of CNF-plastic composites, neat thin film preparation and residual stress effects, and the adhesion of neat thin CNF films to plastics (ex. PS and PMMA) using colloidal probe atomic force microscopy. I have also partnered with the STEM program at St. Charles Borromeo Parish School in Cinnaminson, NJ and will be leading STEM demonstrations to the students and participating in their STEM fair in the spring. I can be reached at