The philosophy major is designed to teach you how to be an incisive logical thinker, a strong writer and oral communicator, and a conscientious citizen. Our major-level courses emphasize an interactive approach to learning, where discussion and feedback from professors of paramount importance.

A degree in philosophy can be an excellent asset to your professional career. The analytical problem-solving abilities and communication skills that the major stresses are of great value in the business world, as well as in fields like law and medicine. It is no accident that philosophy majors have historically scored the highest of any major nationally on the LSAT (the standardized admissions test for law school), and second only to engineering on the GRE (the parallel standardized test for graduate school). Illustrating this trend, philosophy majors at SJU have been admitted to a number of the nation’s top law schools and graduate programs in recent years, as well as have been hired by non-profit organizations and prestigious financial firms.

Did you know that typically 20+ students graduate with a Philosophy minor each year?

Because of the philosophy major’s flexibility and natural interconnections with issues in other disciplines, many students combine it with a major or minor in another field. Popular choices include psychology, English, economics, and political science, though there are many other possibilities as well.

For those not able to commit to a philosophy major, the philosophy minor can serve as an excellent complement to virtually any course of study. Our recent minors have come from an array of majors, including accounting, biology, mathematics and history.

John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of WHOLE FOODS majored in Philosophy