The Philosophy Society

What is the Philosophy Society?  We are a student-run organization that meets to talk about a variety of topics ranging from current events, hot-button issues and more.

If you would like more information, please contact the faculty advisor, Professor Joseph Corabi at

Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is an international honor society for philosophers. Its essential purpose is to promote ties among philosophy departments in accredited institutions and students in philosophy nationally.  In addition to providing a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and interest in philosophy, Phi Sigma Tau also promotes interest in philosophy among the general collegiate public.

Every year, Saint Joseph's University's Chapter Nu of Pennsylvania, elects to its ranks students who have demonstrated overall academic excellence as well as interest and ability in the field of philosophy.  Phi Sigma Tau was founded in 1930 and there are currently active chapters at over 200 colleges and universities across the United Stated and Canada.  Read more about Phi Sigma Tau at

If you have any questions regarding Phi Sigma Tau, please contact our faculty advisor, Professor Lorraine Keller,