Johnna B McGovern, ’16

Congratulations to senior Philosophy Major, Johnna B McGovern, ’16, the 2016 recipient of the Philosophy Award. In addition to completing the Philosophy Major, Johnna has completed minors in both English and Chemistry. During her time at Saint Joseph’s University, Johnna served as Vice President of the Philosophy Honors Society, Phi Sigma Tau; she made the rowing team as a walk-on and competed for two years; she was a member of the running organization Students Run Philly Style, and she has taught English as a Second language at the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Center for Literacy.

Darby Rourick ’16

Congratulations to senior Philosophy major Darby Rourick ’16! The Phi Beta Kappa Society is pleased to announce that Darby Rourick of Saint Joseph’s University is the recipient of a 2015 Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internship. The internship period will begin this month and continue through December 2015.

Darby is a senior English and Philosophy double major, minoring in Medieval Renaissance and Reformation Studies. She is a scholarship member of the Villiger Speech and Debate Society at St. Joe’s, and last year she was named a St. Andrew’s Scholar and attended Aberdeen University in Scotland. After graduation, Darby will attend law school.

Phi Beta Kappa’s writing internships are for juniors and seniors majoring in the liberal arts or sciences who attend institutions where our chapters are located. Interns must make a five-month commitment to the program and prepare a minimum of six publishable articles for the Society’s publication for news and alumni relations, The Key Reporter.

Rosanna DeFilippo ’15

“It takes humility to receive and it’s a privilege to serve.” Rosanna DeFilippo ’15 was a Philosophy Major and an Appalachian Experience Leader.

The Appalachian Experience is a Spring Break immersion program that is committed to serving with and for others while learning about the culture and concerns of the people of the Appalachian region. Participants will meet together several times throughout the year for preparation, education, and team-building, all of which lead toward the spring break immersion experience.

Jack Viere ’15

Jack Viere ’15 is currently working for Community Integrated Services in Philadelphia as an Employment Training Specialist (ETS). As an ETS, or job coach, he works with individuals who have intellectual, mental, or physical health disabilities. Jack helps them gain employment and assists them while they integrate into their new positions. “I have really enjoyed working with people!”

Jack is now looking at graduate programs in psychology based on the combination of his current work and academic interests. Thanks to Dr. Ginger Hoffman’s philosophy senior seminar in Neuroethics, he really wants to look more closely at a degree in a field related to neuroscience or ethics in psychology