Joanna Bryn Smith ’09


Joanna Bryn Smith earned multiple scholarships to St. Joseph’s University and graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Fine and Performing Arts, then entered law school at the CUNY School of Law in Queens. At law school, Joanna began her life of service by volunteering for a variety of organizations dedicated to providing legal services to the less fortunate.

After completing her law degree, Joanna chose to return to Northeastern Pennsylvania to work for the marginalized and under-represented in the community in which she was raised. She was hired by Luzerne County and the Office of Conflict Counsel, where she has worked for the last five years representing those in the community who would otherwise not be able to afford an attorney. Outside of her job as an attorney, Joanna volunteers with many community organizations, including teaching underprivileged students, serving as a speech and debate coach in local high schools, singing with the Choral Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and volunteering with the annual Valley Santa program. She is active in PA state politics.