Political philosophy, scientific breakthroughs and technology constantly reshape global healthcare.  The industry leaders are looking for young professionals who understand these changes and have a grasp on the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical & healthcare industry plays a significant role in extending human life expectancy – the polio vaccine has nearly eradicated the virus in the United States and penicillin has allowed doctors to successfully treat life-threatening diseases.  However, diseases mutate and become resistant to certain drugs.

A thorough understanding of efficient clinical research, innovation and managing complex healthcare costs are challenges we prepare our majors for when they leave Hawk Hill.  Our faculty does not shy away from these pertinent and pressing issues.  Industry executives are invited into the classroom to explore these challenges with our students.

The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing major prepares you for industry careers in:

  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Clinical Development
  • Market Research and Data Analytics
  • Marketing & Advertising Consultants
  • Regulatory Analysts
  • Sales Representatives
  • Trade/Supply Chain Analytics