Pcompcom is comprised of 2 co-chairs and up to 8 members from diverse campus departments.  Official appoints for membership are made by recommendation of PCOMPCOM's current membership.  Once appointed, members are asked to commit at least once year of service which is renewed upon the member’s interest in continuing to serve.

2017-2018 Members

Tom Fithian  Chair (Sr. Director - University Advancement)

Jackie Batchelor  (Administrative Assistant - HSB-Marketing)

Lorraine Hannon (Assistant Dean for Administration, CAS)

Nancy Komada (Sr. Director, Student Life)

Liz McCreight  (Sr. Administrative Assistant - CAS -Education)

Dan McDevitt  (Director - Student Success)

Erin O'Connor  (Identity Management Coordinator - Information Technology)

Terri O'Doherty  (Assistant Director - Programs & Partnerships - Institute of Clinical Bioethics)


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