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Mitchell McIlhenny

Mitchell McIlhenny '18


Food Marketing

Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!


Sales Representative


Asher's Chocolate

Briefly describe your role and how you landed the opportunity?

"I will be representing Asher's Chocolates in Western PA, identifying and capitalizing on client opportunities.  I was first connected to the role through the Career Development Center. I was at the CDC all the time. The staff was great and always gave me useful tips and pointed me in the right direction. I tried to make use of all the different resources they had, like the career fairs, networking nights, and one on one counseling. All of these things helping gain an understanding of how to act in the professional world, as well as figuring out how to go about the process of finding a job."

How did your SJU experience impact your professional goals?

"SJU did an amazing job of giving me the opportunities to succeed after college. Whether that be through experience with clubs, opportunities to network or just by having a staff which is engaged and willing to help."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"I completed three internships over my time at SJU.  I was a Marketing and Communication Intern at the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board, a Community Management Intern at Walgreens, and a Customer Service Intern at Philadelphia Flyers"

How did your internships prepare you for success in landing your current role?

"Internships for me, really gave me an understanding of what it was going to be like in the working world. The insights I gained from my internships allowed me to know more about what I wanted to do, and not do, when I graduated. In addition, the relationships I gained were great. Many people became mentors and friends and gave me much needed advice and direction in trying to find out what I wanted to do."

What advice do you have for other SJU students looking for jobs or internships?

"My advice to any student, would be to take advantage of what SJU has to offer. The more you put into your education, work, and specifically your extracurricular activities, the more you will get out of your time at school."