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Michael Carnevale is smiling in front of a snowy mountain range with a backpack on.

Michael Carnevale '16


Communication Studies

Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!


Marketing Communications Assistant



Describe your role at OTHR

"I'm a Marketing Communications Assistant at OTHR in New York City. OTHR is a 3D-Printing design brand that partners with some of the world's best designers to make 3D printed homewares ranging in materials of porcelain, steel, bronze, and some precious metals. In my role, I manage all of the social media accounts which consists of scheduling, posting, strategy, & analytics. Along with that, I help with handling the creative assets that go out to press, our website, etc. I also am involved with the customer service side of things and our general marketing strategy for the company. What I love about OTHR and my role is that I'm surrounded by extremely talented and creative people everyday. It really allows me to put my creativity to use. Working with various brands, big and small, along with designers, makes everyday feel fresh and I get to put my visual skills to work."

How did your SJU education impact your professional path?

"The COM department and courses really shaped my interests and talents while I was at SJU. What was great while I was undergrad was that the COM department really focused on storytelling, and how to do so in a visually beautiful way. There were also other courses like Critical Hacking & Making , the 3D printing, and Web Design & Development that challenged the way I thought and created things, in a very relevant and useful way. The variety of the COM department allowed me to explore different areas of fields which helped me narrow down what I liked and wanted after graduation. With that being said, none of these classes would have been worthwhile if it weren't for the professors. They made every class engaging and really connected with all of the students on a personal level, which was my favorite parts of being at SJU. All in all, the COM department really guided me into a path that was best for me, and I honestly cannot thank them enough for that."