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Michael Baldini is standing in front of a grey background. He is wearing a dark suit with a check shirt and a striped tie.

Michael Baldini '18


Accounting, Finance

Outcome Opportunity:



Audit Intern



Briefly describe your internship.

"I worked within the financial services division of audit covering pension funds to investment banks. My internship primarily focused on the planning, control and test work phases of an audit."

What was your day-to-day schedule like?

"The hours can vary most times in public accounting. For example, a winter intern in audit may work 10-14 hour days because it is their busy season and they are working towards various deadlines. In contrast, summer audit interns usually will work a consistent 9-10 hour day depending on the client's needs. The day-to-day schedule will vary due to the various tasks you have to complete as an intern. These various tasks will help you to see each component of an audit and how small tasks add up to the big picture."

How did your land your internship?

"I was interviewed for their summer program my sophomore year on campus and after completion of the summer program, I was offered an internship position for the next year. The Career Development Center did a great job connecting students like me to the recruiters within the firm. I also did a significant amount of networking at various events that the Accounting Society held for students."

What skills did you use on a daily basis in this role?

"In any financial services environment, you are going to run into Excel no matter what. Having a proficiency in Excel will really help you in the long run whether you are creating pivot tables, constructing three statement models or organizing spreadsheets. Aside from that, I think communication skills are key as well. Knowing when to ask the right questions and proper business etiquette are vital for an intern looking for a return offer."

How did your SJU education prepare you for this opportunity?

"I felt that I was much better prepared than some of my coworkers because of the rigorous accounting curriculum that Saint Joseph's University offers. I had taken 7 accounting courses before I even had the internship and thought I was well prepared. The accounting professors also do a great job of relating relevant course topics to the real world which translates well for students preparing for internship opportunities."

What is some advice you would offer to SJU students searching for an internship or job?

"I would tell students to network as much as you can and not just in your desired field. It is important to establish a network early in your career. People you may need to reach out to in the future can help you advance and succeed. Don't be afraid to cold call either."