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Luigi Nunez '17

Mathematics and Computer Science

Outcome Opportunity:

Service commitment

e-learning officer, IT



Kampala, Uganda

Connecting technology, health and service

Luigi Nuñez ’17, traveled to Kampala, Uganda, and is currently serving as an e-learning officer with the Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE). Nuñez evaluates data to determine the success and failure rates of its projects. In addition, he is also working with other departments to create and implement solutions to improve the efficiency of initiatives to promote health equity.

Internship experience that formed career goals

Luigi was a SAS programming intern with Chiltern International. His experience prepared him for the service commitment with PACE after graduation.

"Using SAS, I analyzed and created data displays in compliance with approved statistical analysis standards for clinical research studies in Phase II and III. Therapeutic areas included endometriosis and oncology," he says.

What is some advice that you would give to students who are currently searching for internships/who are about to do their first internship?

"Don't stop trying. Though it can sometimes be very defeating, don't let a "no" stop you from looking for another internship. There are so many opportunities out there. You have strengths and gifts that are ready to be used, so take your time, practice interviewing, get your resume constantly reviewed, and try again."

How did your SJU education impact your career goals?

“Saint Joseph’s has instilled in me a passion for pursuing social justice. This fellowship will allow me to combine that passion with my talents for mathematics and computer science to bring about justice in a truly holistic way.”