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Jake Callahan is standing in front of the ocean. He is wearing a red and blue check shirt with a grey blazer.

Jake Callahan '18


Communication Studies



Outcome Opportunity:



Creative Services Intern


6abc News - WPVI TV

Briefly describe your internship and describe your daily routine.

"I interned at 6abc in both the Spring and Fall 2017 semesters. As an intern in the Creative Services Department, I was fully engaged in the production of commercials, social media content, and on-air broadcast. The day to day schedule of this role varied by day. Some days, I was in an editing suite creating social media videos, while other days I was in the field shooting commercials with on-air talent."

How did you land this role?

"I found this internship through the station's website. After applying, I went in for an interview and expressed my interest in the industry!"

What skills did you use on a daily basis?

"I used writing and video editing skills on a daily basis. News writing requires clear and concise writing. I expanded my video editing skills greatly during my two semesters at 6abc. One of my projects even ended up on TV as a commercial."

How did your SJU education prepare you for this opportunity?

"My SJU education prepared me for this opportunity greatly. I was fortunate to have a great foundation from my classes at SJU. I applied my digital communication and writing skills every day. The real world application of these skills helped grow and strengthen them."

What is some advice you would offer to SJU students searching for an internship or job?

"Apply to as many as you can! Internships helped me find a career and industry that I am truly interested in. There are so many different jobs out there, and internships help you find talents you may not even know you had."