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Jacqueline Halpin is smiling in front of a periwinkle and green background. She has dark, wavy hair and is wearing a dark top with a white blazer.

Jacqueline Halpin '17





Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!


Partner Marketing Specialist


SAP America, Inc

Briefly describe your opportunity.

"I work within North America Marketing under the General Business team. Our goal is to drive business outcomes through our SAP partners to generate leads and ultimately sales within the small to medium sized markets. SAP improves people's lives by enabling businesses to run at their best. The challenge is to change the perception that SAP is only for the large enterprise, the multi-million dollar companies, but that we can also help small companies with our software. I work on demand generation campaigns, awareness campaigns, third-party events, and social selling among a sea of other things. The team is dynamic and offers a unique opportunity for me to develop in different facets of marketing. After six months into the role my team is helping me accelerate within North America Marketing."

How did you first learn about or get connected to your opportunity?

"I worked with Todd Krug, after my first co-op I knew I wanted to try working for a large company. Todd immediately put me in contact with SAP. I was studying abroad when SAP reached out for an interview. I went through rounds of phone interviews and finally landed an 8 month co-op within the North America Marketing Retail team at their Newtown Square Office. The co-op started weeks after I returned home from Florence, Italy. The Retail team brought me up to speed quickly. SAP treated me, and worked me, as a full time employee. Interns don't do coffee runs at SAP, they work. In March of my senior year a few positions for for college grads opened up. The catch was having a previous internship or co-op with SAP. Multiple teams with this open headcount in North America Marketing reached out. The interviews were conversational. I had many lengthy calls with my former manager as she guided me through the different opportunities. I accepted the position with my current team in April and opted to work in the New York office."

How did your SJU education impact your professional goals?

"My SJU education was pivotal in obtaining this role. My marketing core classes lead me to be strategic and ahead of the curve at my internships. My education not only worked to gain knowledge in my major, but also in personal development. Professional goals are centered around your knowledge and skill set, yes, but more importantly your professional development relies heavily on how you communicate your knowledge and present yourself. Saint Joe's education prepared me holistically for my professional development."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"While at SJU I participated in the Cooperative Education Program. Yes, the program alters your class schedule slightly, and seeps into your summer however it I would do it again in a heart beat. I cannot stress enough the importance of the co-op program in where I am today. My eight month co-op through SJU lead me to work for the greatest company, in my ideal city, in a fantastic role. If you are willing to work for what you want post-grad, co-op will help you get there. While at SJU I worked for a full calendar year through co-op, as well as studied abroad in Florence, Italy fall of my junior year. I was also the social chair of Alpha Gamma Delta. I was an active participant of the Women's Club Lacrosse team and became Vice President of the team my senior year."