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Grace Davis is smiling in front of a parking lot and trees with the sun shining on her cheek.

Grace Davis '17




Faith-Justice Studies, Psychology

Outcome Opportunity:

Internship, Service Commitment


Hub of Hope Intern/Long-term Volunteer


Project H.O.M.E./Rostro de Cristo

Briefly describe your role with Rostro de Cristo and how you learned about the organization.

"I heard of Rostro de Cristo through Campus Ministry because a Winter Immersion Program trip travels to Ecuador every year. I also have known past volunteers (some SJU grads!). As a Rostro de Cristo Volunteer, I live in community with 5 other volunteers in Ecuador, living out the pillars of simplicity, service, hospitality, community and spirituality. We each work at different work sites and after-school programs. A major aspect of our role is to be present to our neighbors in our neighborhood, Arbolito. We spend time forming relationships and being present to others at our work sites and with those in our neighborhood."

Did you participate in any experiential learning opportunities while at SJU?

"Yes. I traveled to Guatemala with the Winter Immersion Program twice, studied abroad in Galway, Ireland for a semester, and had an internship at Project H.O.M.E."

What did you do as an intern with Project H.O.M.E.?

"I completed data entry and data analysis tasks supporting the Hub of Hope, which cares for people experiencing homelessness. I was onsite once a week at the Hub of Hope serving coffee, handing out toiletries and interacting with guests. I also assisted staff in analyzing and compiling data in order to form the yearly report and helped to write and organize the final report, which contains all Hub data."

How did you land your internship?

"Project H.O.M.E. emailed the Department of Sociology about an opening, they then made sociology majors aware of the opening and how to apply."

What advice would you give current students who are looking for a job or an internship?

"My advice would be to look for internship/job opportunities with organizations that you support and have a mission statement that you are passionate about. It is always fun to work for an organization that aligns with your values and is working towards a cause you are interested in."

How did your SJU education impact your professional goals?

"SJU gave me a deep faith foundation and a passion for social justice. Through my involvement in Campus Ministry, I was able to get involved in a variety of service opportunities and faith formation experiences--which influenced my decision to consider a long-term service opportunity. As a sociology major, I was able to explore and learn about many social structures and injustices that I was encountering during my service experiences. This overall foundation pushed me to seek a more comprehensive experience and to spend a year understanding service, justice, and faith in a deeper way."