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Giovanna Gallardo

Giovanna Gallardo '18


Interdisciplinary Health Services


Autism Behavioral Studies, Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics

Outcome Opportunity:

Graduate/Professional School

Grad Degree:

Doctor of Physical Therapy


San Diego State University

Briefly describe the program.

"I will be attending San Diego State University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program beginning this summer. It is a three-year program which consists of both evidence-based practice and clinical internships."

How did you first get connected to the program?

"Being born and raised in San Diego, I knew that San Diego State University was a prestigious school. SDSU started their DPT program in 2012, and it is now an accredited program, with countless success stories. SDSU’s DPT program was my number one choice because of its' involvement with the community and the diversity within the students and faculty. I toured the program two summers ago and was very impressed with the dedication and support that students received from their professors. I am very excited to move back to my hometown and pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy!"

How did your SJU education impact your professional goals?

"My time at SJU has further enhanced my decision to pursue physical therapy. When I applied to Saint Joe’s I knew that I wanted to pursue physical therapy, and after my first semester I met with the healthcare advisor on campus. She helped me create a plan that was tailored toward applying to DPT programs and made sure that all my prerequisites would be completed before I applied to grad school. During my time at SJU, I also declared two minors, Autism Studies and Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics, which allowed me to gain more knowledge about serving others and making ethical decisions when working with patients. I also had the opportunity to shadow the physical therapist on campus which provided me with more experience and practice in the field. Most importantly, the Jesuit values have also impacted my beliefs and personal values. As a future physical therapist, I will strive for greatness, and hope that when I treat patients, I will care for the whole person."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"My freshman year, I participated in the Appalachian Experience and traveled to Honaker, Virginia. I was also an AIM Mentor throughout my second year at SJU. I participated in weekly service at Gompers Elementary school during my junior year. I am also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, as well as a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre- Health Honor Society."