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Erin Clark is smiling in a blurred background for a portrait. She has light hair, is wearing a black blouse and a string of pearls.

Erin Clark


Food Marketing, Co-Op

Internship/Job Position:
Digital/Online Content & Loyalty Co-Op

Internship/Job Company:
Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

Tell us a little bit about your internship position:

I spent my time at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland working between two teams within the marketing department, the Loyalty team and the Digital/Online Content team. Within those teams I served as the digital and social media intern, published and maintained website and social site content, completed various research and analysis reports, supported a national relaunch of their rewards program, assisted in running a local trial, participated in the launch of a new app and much more.

How did you get your current position?

I expressed interest in interning abroad to my adviser and he was able to set-up an interview based on the relationship he had fostered with the company for a few years.

What is some advice that you would give to students who are currently searching for internships/who are about to do their first internship?

Step out of your comfort zone and be confident in yourself. When you leave that comfort of what's familiar, you may surprise yourself with what you're able to achieve. Also, if the opportunity presents itself to intern abroad, take it! Working in another country provides a chance to learn new ways of working, thinking, living and understanding a new culture.