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Eric Adjei-Danquah is sitting on a lab bench by a microscope. He is wearing a light grey shirt.

Eric Adjei-Danquah '17




Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics and Behavioral Neuroscience

Outcome Opportunity:

Service Commitment


Teacher, Graduate Student


Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), University of Notre Dame


University of Notre Dame

Becoming an Educator, on the Way to Becoming a Doctor

Eric Adjei-Danquah ’17 will be receiving his M.Ed. from the University of Notre Dame through the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) ND. As part of the program, Eric will also be teaching biology at Cristo Rey High School in Atlanta while completing his graduate degree. Ultimately, however, Eric is working toward a career in medicine. Learning how to teach through ACE ND will allow him to be a more communicative, grounded physician in the future. “Dating back to the era of Hippocrates, the primary goal of doctors was to teach,” he says. “The best medical professionals today are the ones that are able to teach patients successfully about their own health.”  

Involvements and Achievements as a Student

While at SJU, Eric served as an orientation leader, resident assistant, research assistant in multiple labs, and a fellow in SJU's Institute of Clinical Bioethics. As a first year student, he received a travel grant to present research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farms Research Campus. He has also presented at the annual Sigma Xi research symposium and at the American Society for Cell Biology.

Exploring Sociological Research as a Summer Scholar

As a Summer Scholar, Eric explored perceived philosophical and value system differences within the black community, based on country of origin, generational length and self-identity under the direction of Assistant Professor of History Brian Yates, Ph.D. Eric is analyzed national data to determine if socioeconomic outcomes and trends of persons considered black match their individual ethnic cultures, identities, philosophies and values. "The Summer Scholar's program allows me to be an adventurer, an explorer and a true learner," he says.