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Emily Smedley is smiling, arms crossed, in a black and white photo. The gradient background is lightest around her.

Emily Smedley '16


Communication Studies

Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!




The Hatcher Group

Describe your role with The Hatcher Group.

At the Hatcher Group, my title is simply Associate – but that packs in a lot of responsibility! Being an associate at the Hatcher Group includes also being a project manager, public relations representative, social media expert, backend designer, copywriter and editor, graphic designer, ad buyer, and researcher. In these various roles, I help nonprofits, foundations, and cause-based organizations with their communications needs. No day is the same here. I love my job because I work with clients and coworkers that are fighting for increased positive social good. During my time here, most notably I’ve helped save the cownose ray population in the Chesapeake Bay from torturous fishing tournaments. I’ve helped Baltimore City working people fight for a more livable minimum wage. And I’ve helped pass legislation to increase mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment in Maryland. My job allows me to do good every day, and that’s enough for me!

How did your SJU experience impact your professional path and goals?

The Communications Department at Saint Joseph’s University prepared me for this role by simultaneously giving me space and support to explore different avenues in the Communications and Digital Media field. The COM department taught me to think for myself, and use my resources to solve problems rather than relying on someone to tell me the answer. It also taught me to use my smarts and communications/digital media skills to foster positive social good in the world. The Beautiful Research Collaborative was an incredible experience, both as a student and a fellow. For me, having worked with clients directly before even graduating is what got me my job today.