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Emily DeMarco

Emily DeMarco '18


Computer Science


Business Intelligence and Analytics

Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!


IT Project Specialist


Axalta Coating Systems

Briefly describe your role.

"I am in a 2 year-IT Rotational Program at Axalta Coating Systems, so my daily routine can vary depending on the project I’m focusing on. My current responsibilities revolve around IT Service and Customer Relationship Management. Ultimately, I solve business problems using our Salesforce application and ServiceNow Platform. "

How did you land your role?

"I applied for an internship with Axalta last year through Indeed and landed that opportunity.  From that experience, I was able to skip the interview process for the rotational program and was offered a full-time position."

What advice do you have for students who are seeking similar opportunities?

"I recommend that every student seek at least one internship opportunity, and to start early if you can! Internships will give you an advantage over your peers and will offer you a glimpse of a future career. Once you land your internship be opened minded and soak in as much information as possible. Stay positive in your moments of doubts and remember that it is okay to have questions. Ultimately, showing your passion for learning and flexibility is the best thing you can do to impress any future employer."