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Emily Baumley

Emily Baumley '18




Faith-Justice Studies, Gender Studies

Outcome Opportunity:

Service Commitment


Americorp Member


City Year Philadelphia

Briefly describe your role.

"As a City Year corp member, I will provide individualized support in low-income schools to students who are at risk for dropping or failing out of school and help create a positive learning environment in the school as a whole. I will be working alongside the students and teachers to build relationships and help ensure their success during the school year."

How did you learn about this opportunity and program?

"I learned about City Year when I started to look into service programs and saw that a previous SJU graduate whom I knew was doing her year there. I looked more into the program online and its' mission, approach, and values all directly aligned with what I wanted to do. Then, I scheduled a phone call with a recruiter and asked more about the program and decided to apply."

How did your SJU education impact your professional goals?

"My SJU education and service opportunities taught me about the immense educational inequalities that exist within our society. Being placed in the middle of Overbrook and Merion made this apparent to me every day. From this, I knew I wanted to work directly with students to help alleviate any barriers conflicting with their education and ensure they are given the education and opportunities they deserve."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"I had an internship with Women Against Abuse through the Sociology department. As an intern in the telephone outreach program, I made outreach calls to survivors to provide resources and counseling. I also went on a study tour to Northern Ireland with Dr. Green's Writing Through Race, Class, and Gender English class. Furthermore, I participated in the Service Learning Program, taking several Service Learning courses, including the Inside-Out course at Graterford State Prison."