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Elana Valentin smiles on a busy Philadelphia street. She wears a white shirt with flowers, silver sunglasses on her head and a black backpack.

Elana Valentin '19


Communication Studies, English


Computer Science

Outcome Opportunity:



Media and Technical Marketing Intern

Elana Valentin ’19 is a technical marketing intern for a startup app company and studies UX/UI design.

"I assist various companies in formulating brands, developing UX/UI prototypes for various platforms, generating social media content and mediating between various departments for a more easy and efficient workflow," says Elana. "These internships really stimulate my creative faculties, and enforce my desire to learn."

Landing Her Internships

"As a naturally quiet person, I have found that the 'quality over quantity' approach to networking has been the most beneficial for me," says Elana. "All of my internships thus far have been introduced to me by my contacts, which has been invaluable in my journey toward a more permanent career."

See some of Valentin's work.

Students sit in the sunshine through the SJU quad. The screen reads, "Visit our campus. We'll save you a seat. #livegreater"

Valentin designed the social media header images for SJU.

She also contributes to the social media team by editing, color correcting, captioning and clipping videos.