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Danielle Tierce

Danielle Tierce '19


Communication Studies


Entertainment Marketing

Outcome Opportunity:



Morning News Intern



Briefly describe your role.

"In my role, I operate the teleprompter during the live show as well as during recorded programs. I transcribe interviews and packages, help with research, and assist with production of segments. Additionally I could do anything from helping assignment editors contact news sources, gather information, research stories, set up interviews, and/or respond to breaking news."

Describe the day to day schedule in this role and what skills you use on a daily basis.

"A day to day schedule runs from 3:30 am to 9:30 am. I report to the station at 3:30 am and begin transcribing the scripts, reviewing stories, and fact and name checking for our anchors. At 4:20 am, I prepare the scripts and prepare the desk for our live show which begins at 4:30 am and runs until 6:00 am. From 6:24 am until about 8 am we have cut-ins to Morning Dose with 3 minute news, weather and traffic updates. Then from 8:00 am-9:30 am I do the rest of my work from updating the website, preparing for the next day, and running the teleprompter for recorded segments. On a daily basis I use skills such as operating the teleprompter, time management, video editing and article writing. There is always a lot of communication taking place from the newsroom, to the control room, to even the field at live shoots."

How did you land this opportunity?

"I landed this internship by actively checking news websites for listings. Additionally I reached out to an SJU alumni and sister of my sorority who worked at PHL17 on how to apply for the internship."

How did your SJU education prepare you for this opportunity?

"My communication studies classes were especially helpful as they prepared me for what I would come across in news and editing. Civic Media and Visual Rhetorics were two that especially came to mind. Civic Media prepared me for topic sensitivity and helped me write scripts and stories in a way that would be open to people of all backgrounds. My work with Adobe and Final Cut Pro in Visual Rhetorics were helpful when I started to learn new programs and I even use some of those exact ones."

What is some advice you would give to students who are searching for internships and jobs?

"Stay on top of your applications and always keep your resume updated. You must be actively putting yourself out there to be seen and heard. Additionally don't be afraid to use your connections and the people who you know as mentors and helping hands."