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Alleya Bess is standing in front of a teal background. She has short hair, and is wearing a dark blazer with a teal top and gold necklace.

Alleya Bess '17

Grad Degree:

Executive MBA

Outcome Opportunity:

Career Advancement


Chief Financial Officer


Sikorksy, Coatesville PA

Moving into a Major Leadership Role

After completing the Executive MBA program at SJU, Alleya was promoted to the position of CFO at her company. "As CFO, I have the primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of Operations Finance in PA. This includes full ownership of the Coatesville P&L; inclusive of forecasting and planning, balance sheet ownership, cost accounting, cost estimating, new business proposals, and supply chain finance. Additionally, this role leads and ensures financial support is provided to all the departments within the Coatesville operations."

How Did Your SJU Education Impact your Position or Professional Goals?

"The EMBA program was instrumental in preparing me to step into a leadership role and think strategically. Magis deeply inspired me to continue to seek to be more than what I have become and I continuously seek to improve myself and share my learning with others. It also helped me gain executive presence and learn more about myself in a deeper way.  My experience at SJU was amazing and I appreciate all the mentorship I was blessed to get from my professors, fellow EMBA colleagues and especially Fr. Rashford."

The Added Value of EMBA's International Residency

"I was fortunate enough to travel abroad with my EMBA cohort to both Spain and Germany. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to visit other manufacturing companies and learn about their culture, and how that influences their business model and core competencies"

A Program for "Impactful Leaders, Strategic Thinkers"

"I would absolutely recommend the Executive MBA program to anyone who is looking for a rich experience that is jammed with all the things you need to make you an impactful leader and strategic thinker. The program seemed to be crafted in a very thoughtful manner as it provides a very comprehensive framework that builds each participant up in a manner to drive significant value to whatever future organization is fortunate enough to employ them."