HawkTalks – Move-In Weekend 2017

11:00 – 11:20 am

“THWND! Meet-n-Greet with SJU Athletes” – Don DiJulia (Presidents’ Lounge)

Meet some of our current student athletes and hear about their experience at SJU. The Hawk Will Never Die!

“Why Wait? How to Nip the Procrastination Habit in the Bud” – Greg Nicholls (Sunroom 2)

Learn top psychological strategies designed to limit procrastination and increase motivation. Why wait?!

“Personal Branding for Success” – Angela Yu ‘18 (North Lounge)

Tips about how to make the most of personal branding throughout your SJU experience from current members of the American Marketing Association


11:20 – 11:40 am

“5 Ways to Make Your College Experience ‘Glorious’” – Tinamarie Stolz (Forum Theater)

Macklemore’s lyrics provide incredible tips on taking care of your whole self as you transition into college. At SJU we want to help you grow as an entire person who works for the whole person and feels “Glorious.”

“Getting Around Campus: Tips about SJU’s Shuttles & Escorts” – Mark Lemon (Sunroom 2)

Running late for an 8 am class? Learn how to use the SJU shuttles and escorts to get around campus.


11:40 am – 12:00 pm

“Going Greek at SJU” – Greek Life Leadership (Presidents’ Lounge)

Thinking about going “Greek?” Hear from current fraternity and sorority presidents about what being Greek at SJU is all about!

“Don’t Be So Defensive! Coping with the Emotions of your College Transition” – Natalie Petyk (North Lounge)

College transition can be hard! Fear, excitement, homesickness, establishing new relationships….learn about your coping style and build new tools to navigate the emotional roller coaster of transitioning to college life.


12:00 – 12:20 pm

“10 Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say” – Monica Nixon (Doyle Banquet Hall North)

Getting to know people who are different from you is a great part of college, but it can also be scary and we sometimes make statements that unknowingly offend or hurt others. Learn some common examples that you may have heard and discuss action steps to building positive relationships.

“Utilizing the Hawk Network” – Brian Lafferty ’15 & Connor Dehel ‘15 (Sunroom 2)

SJU alumni will describe the power and influence of the Hawk network and provide tips on how to use it. It is never too early to start making connections!

“Freshman Year: Transitioning Into a Young Professional” – Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi & Phi Sigma Pi (Forum Theater)

Members of SJU’s co-ed professional fraternities will highlight the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities available at SJU and how creating connections, building networks and establishing personal goals will lead to your success!


12:20 – 12:40 pm

“What is Fake News?” – Anne Krakow (North Lounge)

We have heard a lot about “fake news” in the last year. What does it actually mean and how can we determine if a source is reliable?

“Fresh Off the First Year: Q&A with Sophomore Senators” – University Student Senate (Presidents’ Lounge)

Come hear from sophomores about what they wish they had known a year ago, how to make the most of your first year at SJU and what helped them to get where they are now.


12:40 – 1:00 pm

“6 Things to Know Before your First College Class” – Kris Goldberg (Doyle Banquet Hall North)

Which building is “MH?” Are there bathroom passes in college? This session will help prepare you for your first college class, from finding your classrooms and choosing the best seat to readying yourself mentally and physically for the differing demands of college coursework.

“How to Handle Stress” – Alexandra Kissinger (Forum Theater)

How can I avoid the freshmen 15 and all-nighters?! Learn tips on stress relief and taking care of yourself at SJU.

Is SJU Red or Blue? Political Activism on Campus” – Tess Hill ‘18 (Sunroom 2)

What is the political landscape at SJU? What does a major in political science mean? A current SJU senior will share stories about her experience at SJU including her study abroad internship with the European Parliament.