OIT Projects

Each year the Office of Information Technology (IT) receives numerous requests for special projects from all areas of the University. In order to optimize the value to the University and most effectively use IT resources, a process has been established to formally review and assess these requests in order to determine which ones will be taken on.


For fiscal year 2015 (starting June 1, 2014), the Office of Information Technology will be implementing an Annual Project Review process to align IT resources more effectively with strategic institutional priorities and utilize IT resources most effectively and efficiently. In addition to this annual process, there will be regular meetings with the leadership of each SJU Business Unit. These will be scheduled through the Project Management Office (PMO) and will be used to discuss scheduled, deferred or cancelled projects. Submitting a project in the prescribed solicitation window will be the best route to project approval, and ultimately, completing the project when originally anticipated.

Project Solicitation: December 1, 2013 – January 15, 2014
During this time, any projects for the next fiscal year (i.e. projects with a target completion date after June 1) should be submitted through the online Project Management Tool.

PMO Review: January 15 – February 15, 2014
The PMO will conduct individual reviews in this window. This review will ensure that all essential business requirements are collected and fully defined. Projects that involve only one resource will be forwarded to the appropriate Unit Manager for feasibility evaluation and estimated development days.

Unit Review: February 18, 2014
In this step, Unit Managers will review all cross‐divisional projects in a day‐long event. A final list will be compiled for the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) project review subcommittee, Enterprise Systems Advisory Council (ESAC), and full ITAC membership.

University Vetting: April 1‐May 15, 2014
The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) project review subcommittee, Enterprise Systems Advisory Council (ESAC), and ITAC will review the IT portfolio; provide feedback and guidance to ensure that the IT portfolio aligns with the strategic initiatives of the University.

FY 15 Begins: June 1, 2014
FY 15 IT projects are underway. Additional project submissions will be reviewed and business requirements gathered on a bimonthly basis. Additional project resources will be evaluated and advanced to IT unit managers for portfolio changes. IT advisory bodies will weigh into the vetting process for additional projects throughout the year.


In 2009, with the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC), a formal project ranking process was established to identify which project requests would be accepted based upon the value to the University. This value is determined by evaluating each request based upon nine criteria, with each criteria weighted based on importance as determined jointly by ITAC and IT leadership. Full details of the ranking criteria is available in the following document:

Project Ranking Criteria


In order to determine which projects can be accommodated during the period, the amount of available “project” days is identified for each resource type. The number of “project” days for each resource is determined by taking the number of total work days available during the period and subtracting the days required for 1) support activities (i.e. fixing problems), 2) administrative/personal time (i.e. meetings, sickdays, vacation), and 3) other work requirements (i.e. administering systems).

Application services Information security Telecommunications
Business analysis Media services User services
Business intelligence Network services Web services
Database administration Project Management Video production
Systems administration

Submit a Project Request 

  • Log into The Nest (nest.sju.edu)
  • On the Home Page Click Employee Information
    • Click on Create/Manage Project Request

The project status, IT resource the project is assigned to, and the project comments will be maintained by IT and can be reviewed in The Nest.  Additional users can be setup to review submitted project requests.