SC 129 Computer Lab

The Computer Lab in SC 129 and the printers are now located on the first floor of the new Post Learning Commons building. The relocation of this equipment contributes to the goal of creating a hub for collaborative activities that will stimulate the teaching and learning process for our faculty and students.

The Student Technology Center Help Desk will remain in SC 129 to continue to assist you with your technical needs.

Spring 2012 STC Help Desk Hours

For the remainder of the Spring 2012 semester, the STC Help Desk hours will be:

Monday-Thursday: 8am-10pm;
Friday: 8am-5pm;
Saturday: 10am-5pm;
Sunday: 10am-10pm

MAC OS X LION Policy Update: Feb 2012

At this time we are actively in the processes of evaluating and implementing the MAC OS LION within our environment.

Planning and distributing of the LION OS will be strategically implemented. Once this is available we will inform the university.

We will not be releasing Mountain LION until a planning and distributing process is completed. Extensive testing needs to be done before a major OS release.