IT word changes according to Associated Press

In March, the Associated Press announced its major changes in word styles, including IT words. This is a “big deal” for IT words that have remained unchanged for decades in a field where technology changes frequently and fast. (Some words, like “e-mail”, have remained unchanged for 20+ years.)

New IT word styles include:

* cellphone (formerly “cell phone” as two words)
* email (formerly ”e-mail” with a hyphen)
* smartphone (formerly ”smart phone” as two words)
* website (formerly ”web site” as two words)

AP style is used by media entities around the world, including the Kansas State Collegian and other K-State communications channels. “On any given day, more than half the world’s population sees news from the AP,” says the About AP webpage.

According to the Associated Press Stylebook site ( “The entries on cell phone, e-mail and smart phone have been changed to cellphone, email and smartphone to reflect increasingly common usage.”

These and other changes are expected to be in the spiral-bound 2011 AP Stylebook slated to be released in May. On, it’s noted the AP Stylebook Online version has additional content beyond what is included in the paper AP Stylebook.

New Science Center Access Policy begins today

Just a reminder that starting TODAY, you will need a valid SJU ID to enter the Science Center after 5:30 PM (until 11:00 pm when the Technology Center closes) Mondays – Thursdays and all day on the weekends during the times when classes are in session and the Technology Center is open.

Please contact Security at x1111 if you have any concerns or problems accessing the building.

Michael P. McCann, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Natural Sciences,
Mathematics & Computer Science
Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 610-660-1146
FAX: 610-660-1525

IT Training Update

IT Training Rolls Out Formalized Blackboard Training for Students

As you are no doubt aware, Saint Joseph’s University upgraded to Blackboard 9.1 at the beginning of this semester. In order to further support this transition, and to ensure a more comprehensive utilization of the CMS, Information Technology began offering Blackboard training for students.

While students have always been able to receive answers to their Blackboard questions by contacting the Student Help Desk, formal training in this area has been completely lacking. In the past, this responsibility fell to faculty members or to the students themselves.

Training sessions were conducted at orientations and in classrooms at the request of faculty members. On average, these sessions ran about 20 minutes in length, and covered everything from the basics to more advanced topics like Blogs and Wikis.

A total of 11 sessions were presented, and 302 students received training. IT Training wishes to thank the faculty members who took advantage of this opportunity, and would like you all to know that this service will be available on an ongoing basis.

Faculty members wishing to schedule Blackboard training for their current or upcoming classes are asked to contact Ben Jezierski, IT Training Coordinator at Ext. 3386, or by e-mail at

IT Training Opportunities: Fall 2010

Want to create professional-looking Word documents?
Want to get more out of your Excel spreadsheets?
Want to create PowerPoint presentations that pop?

The Office of Information Technology is offering free day and evening Microsoft Office workshops for all SJU faculty, staff and students.

Topics for these workshops include:
• Understanding the Basics of Microsoft Word
• Creating Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
• Creating Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint
• And MANY more
Check out the current IT Training schedule for a complete list of workshops, course descriptions, and information on how to register at

Can’t find what you’re looking for? SJU’s IT Training department will also develop custom training to suit the needs of your department, class or student study group.

IT Training has worked with admins, professors and directors to produce quality and time-sensitive training geared toward their specific needs.

Many students have also taken advantage of custom Microsoft Word and PowerPoint training to help them produce professional-quality papers and eye catching PowerPoint presentations for their classes.

For further information, or to talk about YOUR training needs, contact Ben Jezierski, IT Training Coordinator by phone at (610)660-3386, or by e-mail at

Font Change to Save Ink

A student at the University of Wisconsin discovered that switching fonts from Arial to Century Gothic uses about 30 percent less ink. The cost of ink is on the rise, so this small change may be very beneficial in the long run.

Tech News: iPad Release

As you all probably know, Apple released its latest product, the iPad recently. Apple is publicizing the iPad as: “the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Hands down.” The iPad behaves similarly to the iPhone, but on a larger scale. The features of the iPad should be familiar to current Mac users and can be explored in detail here:
At the current time, the University will not be supporting, but they are a fun possibility for the future!

What are your thoughts on the iPad?

February 16, 2010 – Microsoft releases Critical Updates

Windows Updates

Windows Automatic Update Update is a feature in the Windows operating system that allows critical updates released by Microsoft to be automatically installed on an end user’s computer at a scheduled time. For SJU managed windows machines, this time is automatically set by SJU Information Technology. Windows Automatic Update is an extremely useful feature because it ensures that necessary updates are installed in a timely manner without requiring the user to physically visit the Windows Update site and download the update. The downloading and installations are performed in the background without requiring the user to stop their normal tasks.

What does it look like when my computer has updates waiting to be installed?

When Software Update has discovered critical updates that need to be installed on your computer, a small yellow shield will appear in the lower right hand corner near the time. This shield indicates that the updates are currently being downloaded. If you place the mouse pointer over the shield a small box will pop up to show you what percentage of the updates have been downloaded.

Windows Update shield

If the downloads have been completed it will then notify you to restart in order to complete the updates.

What to do to ensure your computer has the latest updates

SJU owned computers do have Windows Automatic Updates configured. These automatic updates that are configured to be downloaded and installed. These include high-priority updates, security updates, critical updates, and service pack releases. Although updates are set to update and install automatically, once installed, it may require the end user to click on the yellow shield to finish the update process or restart the computer. When a restart of the computer is needed and not completed after updates, the computer could potentially be unprotected as the update process was not completed.

If you are not prompted with a pop-up notification in the loser right hand corner by the time, you can manually access it through:

Click to choose either Express or Custom installation.
• Express finds high-priority or important updates for your computer which you install with one click.

Free Microsoft Applications Workshops Available to Students

Faculty members may want to make their students aware of the upcoming trainings being offered by our department.

The Office of Information Technology is offering free day and evening Microsoft Office workshops beginning in the Spring 2010 semester.
Topics include:

• Understanding the Basics of Microsoft Word
• Creating Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
• Creating Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Check out the current IT Training schedule for a complete list of workshops and course descriptions on our website at To register for a course or information regarding a specific course, please contact Ben Jezierski, IT Training Coordinator, at or by phone at (610) 660-3386.