IT Outage: Voicemail Server – March 8th

On Tuesday, March 8th, from 7:00am – 8:30am, the SJU Voice Messaging system will be updated.

During the outage, voicemail services will be unavailable including receiving or accessing messages, and automated attendant services (phone menus).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the TSC.

Network Outages: Spring Break – March 7th – 11th

During the week of Spring Break, OIT will be performing Network Maintenance in numerous locations across campus.  Please see below for full details on all outages.


1.) On Monday, March 7th, from 3:00am – 9:00am, OIT will be performing network maintenance.  During this time, the following locations will experience intermittent loss of network connectivity:
Ziff Carriage House, Connelly Hall, O’Pake Upper/Lower Sports Complex, Nicoletti Music Studio, Paris Dining Hall, Merion Hall, Foley Center, Quinn, Dupperreault, Windrim, Gabriel Hall, Fine Arts East/West, Toland Hall, Berwick 35/39


2.) On Wednesday, March 9th, from 3:00am – 9:00am, OIT will be performing network maintenance.  During this time, the following locations will experience intermittent loss of network connectivity:

Science Center, Post Learning Commons, Drexel Library


3.) During the week of spring break, March 7th – 11th, Network Services will be performing network maintenance in Post Hall on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The 1st floor and the SJU wireless network will NOT be affected at this time.

During this maintenance window, users can expect outages lasting up to 8 hours each day on the wired network ports. This means, if you plug your computer into a network jack with an ethernet cable, you will experience outages. We recommend using the SJU wireless network for the duration.

Monday through Wednesday will affect portions of the 2nd floor. Wednesday through Friday will affect portions of the 3rd floor.


If you have any questions about these outages, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610-660-2920.

Blackboard Learn Issues

Today at 1:54PM, for about 15 minutes, Blackboard Learn was inaccessible. This issue has since been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience!
If you have questions or concerns, please call the TSC at 610-660-2920.

Discontinuation of Email Requests – Coming Soon

On August 24th, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) released our new Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool.  This tool provides members of the SJU community with a new way of managing technology service requests and provides a customer-facing side of OIT that we have not previously been able to provide.


In an effort to make our services more available and transparent to the SJU community, we are now utilizing a Service Catalog.  


Our Service Catalog is a comprehensive list of all SJU technology resources and offerings, with a customer-facing view from which you can browse and request services, reports issues, and review articles to help answer common questions.  


The Service Catalog will eventually become the primary means of requesting technology assistance from OIT.  We are in the process of phasing out the use of our current email, (this also includes,,, or any other email addresses you are currently using to submit service requests).  Should you chose to submit a service request via email, a technician will reach out to let you know how to access and use the Service Catalog.


Customers will always be able to contact OIT at 610-660-2920, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our walk-in services will not be changing.


Over the next several months, you can expect further communication and tips on utilizing the new tool effectively.  We are excited to hear feedback from the community.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the TSC.


As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue to make improvements to this tool.  If you have any questions about how to use our Service Catalog or where to find a specific  service, please contact the TSC at 610-660-2920.

IT News: New Ticketing System

Welcome back to Hawk Hill!  We hope your summer was a relaxing one.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is excited to announce the release of our new IT service management (ITSM) tool which includes our Service Catalog and Knowledge Base!  Over the past year, OIT has been hard at work researching, reviewing, and now implementing this tool.  During that time, we reached out to campus constituents to solicit feedback on various vendors.  We feel that the tool we have selected, from a vendor tailored to Higher Education clients called Team Dynamix, will meet the growing needs of our department, and the SJU community.

With this change, you will now receive emails for your IT requests and incidents from  You will also notice that our Service Catalog and Knowledge Base now direct you to a link that includes  Since we always want you to be aware of possible scams, we wanted to let you know that this website and emails from this source are legitimate.


What is a Service Catalog?

A Service Catalog is a comprehensive, organized collection of all IT related services offered to Faculty, Staff, and Students at SJU.  With our new Service Catalog, you can learn about the technology services available, feel empowered to resolve technology issues on your own, and request technology assistance for those services that you just can’t seem to resolve.


For example, you need to reset your SJU password.  In the Service Catalog, we have an article dedicated to that service as well as clear instructions on how to reset your password. If, for some reason, you still have trouble, you can request assistance right there from the same screen.


Along with the Service Catalog, we have a brand new Knowledge Base which has hundreds of articles pertaining to the questions we receive on a daily basis in OIT.  We’ve organized the Knowledge Base to be user friendly and match the layout of the new Service Catalog.  If you can’t find the answer to a question in our Knowledge Base, just jump over to the Service Catalog and request assistance.

What can we expect next from this new ITSM tool?

Over the next few months, we will continue to work on enhancing the services and knowledge articles available to you and eventually phase out the use of our current email,  Once we are confident that all services can be requested via the Service Catalog, we will disable use of that email address and all service requests will be submitted by customers through our Service Catalog.  As we make these changes, you can expect further communication from OIT.

Who do I contact with questions or feedback?

If you have any questions about the Service Catalog or how it works, please give us a call at 610-660-2920 or stop in and visit us in SC129.  We look forward to your feedback!

Please visit our blog for additional summer updates and technology news.

Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager

On Tuesday, October 13th, Jill Cleary, Director of the Project Management Office will offer Franklin Covey’s Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager in the IT Meeting Room (Small Maguire) on the 5th floor of McShain.

This workshop is geared towards those of us who’ve found ourselves in the role of Project Manager without ever having received formal training. During the course of this one-day session, we’ll cover topics such as:

Identifying key project stakeholders
Documenting a project scope
Creating a project schedule
Developing a risk management strategy
Developing and implementing a communication plan
Creating a cadence of accountability
Managing scope change
Wrapping up a project successfully

To register for this workshop:

1) Go to the Office of Information Technology portlet on the School Services page of The Nest.
2) Click the “Enroll for Technology Training” link.
3) Once the Enrollment page opens, select “Project Management” for the Class Type and click Search.
4) Click “Register for Class” when the Project Management class listing appears on your screen.

The cost of the course for non-IT employees is $60. A follow-up email will be sent with budget transfer instructions after you register.

Please forward any questions you have to Jill Cleary at

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Technology Updates to Classroom – Fall 2015

Below is a complete list of summer renovations that took place on campus and technology upgrades:
BE 101 & BE 329:
  • revamped from lab to classroom


PO 322 now has installed equipment:
  • projector, Mac, Laptop & HDMI input, Document Camera, and Blu-ray


BE 302 & 303, SC 316, Merion 161, 310, 311, 312 314 & 315:
  • projector and control system upgrade


MV 210:
  • course capture system (Mediasite) installed


Additional campus locations:


Sun Room I – Campion
  • 80″ LCD, PC, Laptop & HDMI input, and Blu-ray player


Small Lapsley, Large Lapsley, and Large Maguire all received new technology
If you have any questions about the technology available in classrooms on campus, please contact Media Services at 610-660-2920.

Repair IT: What is it?

Repair IT Logo-01


What is Repair IT?

The Repair IT program began in 2014.  If you are an SJU student, the TSC will support any computer you come to campus with, and fix any problem.

In the past, we were only able to provide hardware repair support to students enrolled in the SJU Laptop Program.  Now, in order to provide a better service to our students we will provide hardware repair support for all students for a nominal fee plus the cost of parts.

Why did we start this program?

Short answer: a number of reasons.  At the end of each school year, the TSC sends out a survey to SJU students to find out what technology services you like and what services you would like to see implemented.  In 2013, you voiced that they would like to see more technology support offered for those of you who are not members of the Student Laptop Program.  We also realized that as a student, you may have limited access to transportation or funds to take your computer to a repair store.

How does it work?

Bring your computer along with any operating software to the TSC in SC129.  Our certified technicians will diagnose and relay the problem to you.  Once diagnosed, we will provide you with a price for labor and parts. At that time, you can decide if you would like to go ahead with the service from the TSC.  You always have the option to turn down the service.  If you choose to have us fix your computer, you can simply pay with your Hawk Card!

We truly think this is a great service that we offer to all SJU students and we are thrilled to be able to provide it. You have the convenience of having your computer fixed on campus at a much cheaper price than you’ll find at a store.

For complete, detailed information please stop by SC129.