New Event and Room Reservation Solution

In an effort to optimize the University’s event and room reservation process, we are pleased to announce a new online scheduling system, Infosilem’s EnCampus Enterprise.   This new system will be rolled out to campus in June, 2017.   The University will move from a distributed approach for room reservations to a more efficient, integrated request model.  Starting in June, the campus community including students will be able to make room reservation requests for the fall 2017 semester using the new self-service portal.

The benefits of the EnCampus Enterprise room reservation solution include:

• Enhanced management of non-academic events and better use of available classroom and lab spaces;

• Ability to publish all on-campus academic and non-academic events for public viewing;

• Ability for the campus community to view room and event calendars, and to communicate room booking requests via a self-service portal;

• The ability to assess the layout and attributes of rooms prior to selecting an event location;

• Enhanced access to available space for internal and external events by the campus community;

• Enhanced analytics regarding the utilization of University space.

Using EnCampus Enterprise, a requester will be able to access a self-service portal to find available rooms rather than calling ahead to check room availability.  As mentioned above, requesters can assess location features and layout options of rooms prior to selecting a location.  All requests will be managed in the order in which they are entered into the system. The implementation will start with rooms currently scheduled by the Office of the Registrar, Special Events, the Library, and Student Life with more departments to be added in the near future.

We ask for your support during this transition and we will keep everyone updated with the progress of this project as the go-live date gets closer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Campus-Wide Scheduling Steering Committee

Paul Aspan, Associate Provost (Co-Chair)
Jim Brown, Sr Associate Athletic Director
Fran DiSanti, CIO (Co-Chair)
Arthur Grover, Director, Public Safety & Security
Tim McGuriman, Associate VP, Administrative Services
Mary-Elaine Perry, Assistant VP, Student Life
Scott Spencer, University Registrar

SJU Mobile is Here!

Each academic year, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) works closely with the University Student Senate in order to understand the technology needs of our students.  We rely on all of you to bring forth technology concerns or innovations that you want to see implemented.

During the 2016 academic year, you made us aware of a need for a mobile application.  We are so excited to announce the official launch of SJU Mobile: an app now available on both iOS and Android.  We are proud that YOU, our students, were the driving force behind this innovation at SJU!

Visit to download now!

What will I find in the app?

  • Athletics – Keep up to date with all Hawks news, schedules and scores
  • Bookstore – purchase your textbooks and fan gear
  • Courses –  Full access to your Blackboard courses
  • Dining – Browse today’s cafe menu, or order directly from your phone
  • Directories – find contact information for individuals and departments
  • Emergency – Access emergency contact information and file reports
  • Events – Find out what’s happening on Hawk Hill
  • Maps and Directions – Get directions from one point on campus to another
  • Shuttle – Track the University shuttles in real-time
  • Social – Follow several different University social media accounts in one place
  • What’s Open When – See what’s open around campus right now

Windows 10 – Official SJU Release

For the past six years, SJU’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has been installing Windows 7 on all new PCs.   Since Windows 10 was released in 2015, OIT has been hard at work testing and evaluating the operating system.  At this time, we are prepared to deploy Windows 10 on employee computers.

Beginning on March 30th, 2017, newly-deployed Windows machines for SJU faculty and staff will have several key changes–the most important of which will be that they will come with Windows 10.

** Windows 10 will only be installed on new computers ordered for Faculty and Staff.  We will not be accepting requests to upgrade existing computers at this time.  We plan to work on upgrading labs around campus during the Summer 2017 and then publish a schedule for Faculty and Staff upgrades beginning in the Fall 2017.**

Additional software changes include:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 (replaces Microsoft Office 2010)
  • Microsoft Edge Web Browser (in addition to Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer)
  • Built in Windows 10 applications like “Calculator”, “Photos”, “3D Builder”, and other utilities.

As with Windows 7, the process of receiving a new Windows 10 computer will involve a data transfer.  This means that on the day that you schedule your installation, a technician from OIT will perform a data transfer from the old computer (typically Windows 7) to the new computer (Windows 10).  In this respect, the process of receiving a new Windows 10 computer is identical to the old process.  There is no change in the process of ordering, installing the computer, or transferring the data.

For the most part, and with surprisingly few exceptions, software applications that work on Windows 7, also work on Windows 10.  University-wide software that is purchased and installed by OIT has been evaluated thoroughly and is confirmed to work with Windows 10.  OIT cannot guarantee that software installed directly by the user will be compatible.  If you discover that an application you have downloaded and installed without the assistance of OIT does not work with Windows 10, you will need to reach out to the software vendor to determine the correct course of action.

Windows 7 security updates will be supported by Microsoft until at least 2020. This means that when our computer replacement cycle completes, our conversion to Windows 10 will coincide with Microsoft’s stated end-of-support date for Windows 7.

If you have any questions about Windows 10, please contact the TSC.

Blackboard Collaborare Ultra: January Update

Blackboard Collaborate is Saint Joseph’s University’s web conferencing system accessible through Blackboard Learn. Collaborate ultra is updated monthly to improve the teaching and learning experience. In this release we are excited to introduce persistent content.

  • You can now enjoy the benefits of WebRTC using your Firefox® browser. This mean that all Firefox® users will experience audio and video improvements and moderators will also benefit from desktop and application sharing.
  • You can now host sessions that have up to 250 participants attending.
  • The recording player now has the same look and feel as your Collaborate session. We’ve updated the interface to make it easier to use and more accessible.

For a complete list of updates and changes, please review our Collaborate with the Ultra experience January update feature brief.

When will the update take place?

Blackboard will be releasing the Collaborate with the Ultra experience January update on December 28th,  2016.

  • All Collaborate Ultra users will be updated on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

How will users access this release?

Faculty and students will automatically have access to the August update after the upgrade.

What supporting resources are available?

To help you, new documentation and knowledge base articles will be published on the day of the release.


Collaborate Ultra Update – 9/10

Blackboard Collaborate is Saint Joseph’s University’s web conferencing system accessible through Blackboard Learn( Collaborate ultra is updated monthly to improve the teaching and learning experience. In this release we are excited to introduce persistent content!
  • Persistent Content: After creating a session, moderators can open it any time and load the files they want to share. These files stay in the session until deleted by a moderator. Load them once and reuse them as often as you want.
For a complete list of updates and changes, please review the Collaborate with the Ultra experience September update features article.
When will the update take place?
Blackboard will be releasing the Collaborate with the Ultra experience September update on September 10, 2016.
  • All Collaborate Ultra users will be updated on Saturday, September 10, 2016
How will users access this release?
Faculty and students will automatically have access to the August update after the upgrade.
What supporting resources are available?
To help you, new documentation and knowledge base articles will be published on the day of the release.
September Update Feature Brief (Available Now)
Updated Collaborate with the Ultra experience help documentation (Available September 10, 2016)

Summer 2016 – Collaborate Updates

A new Java-free version of Blackboard Collaborate is available Now.  Classified as the “Ultra Experience,” this release of Bb Collaborate uses the web browser as the delivery format for virtual classrooms, meetings, and other engagement opportunities.
Bb Collaborate Ultra provides:
  •  A clutter-free, intuitive interface
  • Crisp audio & hi-definition video
  • Dynamic adjustments according to bandwidth and network access
  • New roles:
    • Captioner, which allows faculty to provide accessible alternatives to audio content for participants who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as for participants whose native language is different from the moderator’s
  • Participant, which allow students to present without giving them full moderator privileges
  • A basic whiteboard
  • Image, PDF, and PowerPoint sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Polling Tool
  • learn about how to use this new tool.
Contact the Technical Support Center to schedule a time to  learn more about how to use this new tool.

See below for the differences the old version and Ultra.

Differences between Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Collaborate Classic

Bb Collaborate Classic
Bb Collaborate Ultra
  • Requires Java and periodic application updates
  • Supports whiteboard, app/desktop sharing, web tours
  • Recordings are accessible in Blackboard Learn. They are in Java format, but can be converted to MP4
  • Room capacity supports up to 1,000 participants
  • Sessions can be scheduled in Blackboard Learn
  • The Chrome browser provides the best experience with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)
  • A specific Chrome extension is required for desktop/app sharing in a session
  • Recordings: Moderators can record their sessions and share them.
  • Recordings are supported as streaming MP4s.
  • Recordings only contain the primary content/video and audio. Chat and participant lists are not currently recorded.
  • Collaborate Ultra’s room capacity is currently limited to 125 users.
  • Scheduling tools are not yet available in the Bb Learn interface.

New Transfer Student? Read on!

The article below was written by our newest TSC Student Technician, Caroline Beaupre. Caroline blog photois an incoming transfer student from Duquesne University who is majoring in Business Intelligence and Analytic’s.

Caroline started at the TSC in July and we couldn’t do what we do without her!


Welcome to Hawk Hill!

As a fellow transfer student I understand the amount of stress and unease that you all might be going through. Don’t be nervous about being at a new school, you made a great choice to continue your academic career here at Saint Joseph’s University. Coming to a new school can be frightening because you don’t know all the in’s and outs of campus. In due time you will soon find yourselves embedded in the SJU campus life.

There are likely tons of questions you have that have not yet been answered. These could range from how to log into the nest, to how your Hawk Card works, and how to hook up smart TV’s on campus. Let us help you in getting the hang of a new campus and new student life!

Hawk Card Information

Your Hawk Card is very important in your everyday here on Hawk Hill as it is vital for accessing campus services. Make sure to carry your Card at all times! This Card is crucial to being able to move around campus, as well as eat, print, access your dorm room, and buy things around campus.  It is highly suggested to put it on a lanyard, or in your wallet so that you know it will always be on you. Hawk Cash is cashless, prepaid spending account on your Hawk Card that is accepted on and around the Saint Joseph’s University campus. You must add value to your account before using Hawk Cash to make purchases and have suffice value available in your account to pay for each transaction. Every time you use your Hawk Cash account, the amount of the transaction will be deducted from your account and you may not spend more value then you have. Unused balances roll over semester to semester and year to year.

How do I get my Hawk Card?

Students will receive their new Hawk Card when checking into their residential buildings. Otherwise, cards are issued and distribute at the Office of Public Safety & Security located in Barbelin Room 13.

What if I lose my Hawk Card?

Immediately report a lost or stolen card to the Office of Public Safety & Security at 610-660-1111. To deactivate your Hawk Cash account, call 1-866-341-0101. Replacement cards are issued at the Office of Public Safety, a fee of $20 will be charged to replace your card.

What is my Hawk Cash Number?

Your 16-digit Hawk Cash number is located on the front of your Hawk Card and uniquely your prepaid spending account.

Where the Hawk Card is Accepted

Your Hawk Card is located at many local grocery stores, drug stores, and restaurants. For a full list of accepting locations, click here.



How to setup my SJU Gmail in Mac Mail

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.44.21 AM

How to setup my SJU Gmail in Outlook

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.44.55 AM

How to setup my SJU Gmail on an iPad/iPhone

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.45.22 AM

Campus Wireless

Saint Joseph’s University offers free Wi-Fi on campus and in all residence halls. To learn how to add wireless to either your computers or phone clink on this link.


Smart TV’s

One of the benefits of living on campus is that you are able to use a Smart TV! This is something very unique that Saint Joseph’ offers its students. 

  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Chromecast
  • Gaming Console

Please go to this link to request a password for our DPSK wireless network.

Quick Facts:

  • The TSC is located in Science Center 129, this is where you can get answers about all technology related issues.
  • The TSC offers a service called “Repair IT” for all students, whether you have purchased your computer through the SJU Laptop Program or not. More information on this can be found here
  • If you need to connect a device other than a computer (gaming console, smart TV, ect) to the wireless network, you will need a special password that can be requested here.
  • Students can print from their own devices to the public printers, and pick up their print jobs at their convenience by swiping the SJU ID
  • If you forgot your username of password, click here.
  • Residence halls are fully equipped with wireless, however we do not provide support or allow wireless printing on campus for security reasons. If you plan to bring a wireless printer to campus you will need to plug it in using a USB cable.

TSC Information

The TSC offers convenient walk in hours during the Fall and Spring semesters and modified hours during the Summer sessions. 

Fall and Spring

Monday – Thursday:         7:30am – 7:00pm
Friday:                              7:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday:          12:00pm – 4:00pm


Monday – Thursday:         7:30am – 7:00pm
Friday:                              7:30am – 5:00pm

For assistance after walk in hours, call the TSC at 610-660-2920.  We have technicians standing by to assist you with your technology needs.