Classroom and Lab Technology Improvements

In order to enhance the teaching and learning experience at SJU, we’ve been actively working on improvements to the classroom and lab technology on campus.  Not only did we replace existing technology, but we added new presentation equipment to classrooms that did not have it prior and completed a major enhancement to the Moot Board Rooms.

We’re extremely excited to say that now, for the first time ever, EVERY teaching and learning space on campus now has presentation technology installed! So, no matter what classroom or lab you are in, you will have the technology you need to make a presentation.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and where:


Merion Hall – room 174, a new collaborative technology classroom, is the marque classroom of this summer’s improvements. Designed to support the expansion of the Communication Studies program, this classroom features state-of-the-art technology in a flexible layout giving faculty and students maximum flexibility.

Bellarmine Hall – rooms 102 and 229 have completely new installations, which include a PC, Bluray/DVD player, document camera, VGA & HDMI laptop input and a projector or LCD display.

McShain Hall – rooms 2, 3, and 4 were installed as well with a PC, Bluray/DVD, document camera, VGA and HDMI laptop input.

Post Hall – rooms 101,302 and 305, now have a Mac Mini, Bluray/DVD Player, document camera, Laptop VGA & HDMI input.

Science Center – room 434 has a completely new installation with a PC, Bluray/DVD, document camera, VGA and HDMI laptop input.

Note: All of the upgrades and new installs do not feature VHS players.  However, one can easily be provided, if needed.

In addition to adding new technology to rooms, we have also upgraded existing presentation technology in 14 teaching spaces across campus, including the following:

Barbelin Hall – rooms 225 and 226 have a PC, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Post Hall – rooms 203 and 204 have a Mac Mini, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Science Center – rooms 300 and 400 have a PC, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Additionally, nearly 200 lab and teaching podium computers were replaced as well as 750 more computers updated in labs and classrooms across campus!


All this was made possible by the great work of our Media Services and Lab Support teams, who worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure all of this technology was installed and ready to go when you return. A special thanks goes out to all of these folks that made all of this happen!

If you have any questions regarding a specific classroom, please contact Media Services at x1770 or email and we will be happy to help!

Have a great semester!

Cable TV Setup Instructions

ctvcableWe know that part of getting settled in at SJU includes having access to your favorite TV shows, so here are some simple instructions on how to get you up and running on the SJU cable TV system!

Any TV will work on the SJU television system. To get connected, follow these steps:

      1. Connect a coax cable (this is not provided by IT) to the TV outlet on the wall and to the back of your TV.  You should plan to supply this cable. Virtually any digital TV can be connected simply and easily although there are some models that must be handled like an analog TV (see below).
      2. Turn on the TV.
      3. TV menus differ by manufacturer and model, but open the menu for your TV. Generally you should open ‘settings’ or something similar.  Select the option to autoprogram/channel setup/channel scan in order to prompt your TV to identify available channels on the campus television system.  You should refer to your owner’s manual if you cannot locate the correct option from your menu. Note that while there are 4 channels from 3.1 through 3.4 that are reserved for special/future programming, at this time all the available TV channels will be between 23.1 and 34.8. (96 channels)
      4. If the TV does not find any or all the channels, you may need to run this scan a second time.

If you have an analog TV (typically an older model that will often have a picture tube), or certain digital TV models, you will need a small set top converter box called an iview. The iview has an RF input connection that you should connect to the TV outlet on the wall using a coax cable and then a second cable should be connected from the RF output on the iview to your TV.  We have a limited number of these iview boxes available to students as needed. To request one, contact the TSC and we will arrange to have one delivered. Once this is connected, you will still need to run the autoprogram/scan once or twice as noted above.

The cable tv channel line-ups and other usefule information can be found at

If you have any problems with your cable setup, please contact the TSC at or x2920.

Wireless Improvements

Smartphone RadioAt the end of every school year, we survey SJU students to find out how we can provide better technology services and enrich your learning experience.  Throughout the year, you voiced concern about the speed and reliability of the wireless network. We understand that this was not conducive to your educational and living experience and as a result we made changes.

During the summer months, our Networking team upgraded nearly 40 campus locations with faster, more consistent wireless controllers, powered by Ruckus Wireless. To give you a sense of what this means, nearly 400, or almost half of the 803 wireless access points currently installed across campus, were upgraded. We expect that all of this work will result in faster, more reliable wireless connectivity from Rashford Hall to the Morris Quad Townhouses, and everything in between.

photoEighteen student residence halls were upgraded:

Ashwood Hall, Berwick 35 (Maguire Campus), Hogan Hall, Jordan Hall, LaFarge Residence Center, Lancaster Court (powered by Hotwire), Lannon Hall, Merion Gardens, Moore Hall, Quirk Hall, Rashford Hall, Sourin Residence Center, St. Albert’s Hall, St. Mary’s Hall, Sullivan Hall, Tara Hall, Michael J. Morris Quad Townhouses, and
Xavier Hall.

In addition, the following administrative buildings were also upgraded:

Barry Hall, The SJU Bookstore, Bronstein Hall, Bronstein Annex, Campions Student Center, Claver Hall, The Cardinal John P. Foley Campus Center, Haub Executive Center (McShain Hall – 5th Floor), Mossbaum Hall, Regis Hall, Simpson Hall, St. Thomas Hall, Technology Service Center (TSC – Science Center 129), Toland Hall (Fine Arts West), Wolfington Center.

Plus the following academic buildings have new wireless:

Bellarmine Hall, Boland Hall, Connelly Hall, Nicoletti Music Studio, Post Hall

Finally, for those of you “studying” at Cosi and Starbucks, they were upgraded as well.

If you have questions about setting up your wireless, stop by the TSC at any time over move-in weekend.  You can also call us at x2920 or email

Email Issues: August 19th, 10:00am

As of right now, we are seeing sporadic Zmail issues. You will not be able to send email to external addresses (Gmail, Comcast, Yahoo, etc).  Internal SJU email is still working.


We are working diligently to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.

Zimbra Upgrade: August 11, 2013 from 3:00am – 5:00pm

The time we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! The Office of Information Technology is excited to announce that this Sunday, August 11th, beginning at 3:00am, we will start upgrading our Zmail server.  This transition will be seamless for you, whether you use the web client ( or an external email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail.  You will experience notably faster performance, as well as a more user-friendly, modern looking web client.

zimbra with desc


Due to the magnitude of this upgrade, we anticipate the process being completed by 5:00pm on Sunday.  During this upgrade window, you will not have access to or receive any new email via Outlook, Mac Mail, tablets or mobile devices.  You will not lose any email – your incoming email will be queued until the new server is up and running.


Upon completion of the upgrade, every faculty and staff member at SJU can expect the following new, frequently requested features and functions upon logging into


  • Double the amount of quota space that you had in your prior Zmail.  <insert applause here!>


  • Read receipt: You can flag a message that you write to have a return receipt message sent back to you when the recipient opens your message.


  • Restore previously deleted email messages: You have the ability to recover a deleted message from the Trash folder for 30 days after you’ve deleted it.


  • Send Email Later:  You can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent.


  • Mail Fetch: You can now retrieve older mail by simply scrolling through your mailbox, rather than going to next page.


  • Spam Control: Additional spam control now allows you to block specific email addresses from within the web client.


  • Horizontal three-panel view option: This feature, similar to Outlook, allows you to view your mailboxes, sorted e-mail, and reading pane in one window.


  • Calendar Options: With your Zimbra Calendar, you now have the option to view two weeks in a list view.


  • Copy Meetings: In your Zimbra 7 Calendar, you can now copy existing meetings.


We will have TSC staff ready to assist you on Monday morning with any questions or issues you may have about the new Zmail system.  Please call us at x2920 and we will promptly answer.


We are excited to deliver this new and improved email tool to you and hope it meets your needs!

Join us for Move-In Weekend!

Let your students know, the TSC will be open during move-in weekend. This year, move-in weekend will be August 24th and 25th. In order to provide our hawks the best possible technology service, the TSC will be open both days from 9am-7pm. We will have our normal 24/7 phone support but will also be available for walk-in assistance.

Come meet the crew!

Come meet the crew!


If you have any questions about the support we provide, please call us at 610-660-2920 or email

IT Outage: Banner PROD INB and SSB 8/3 – 8/4

From Saturday, August 3rd at 6:00am until Sunday, August 4th at 8:00am, Banner PROD INB and SSB will be unavailable while we perform an upgrade.


What are Banner INB and SSB?

–          INB is short for “Internet Native Banner” and refers to the back-end of Banner that is most widely used by administrative staff to manage their data. Offices such as Financial Affairs, Development, and Enrollment Management, just to name a few, have many staff members accessing Banner INB constantly to manage institutional data.

The majority of faculty and staff do not access Banner INB, but use another form of Banner known as Self-Service Banner, or SSB, which is accessible through the Administrative Services section of MySJU.  When you enter students’ final grades, perform a budget query, submit or approve leave reports, or check your pay stub, you are using SSB.

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage, please contact the TSC.

IT Outages: Week of July 22

This week we have two planned outages on campus that may impact you. On Thursday, July 25th, from 7-8am the first floor of Merion Hall will have a total network outage (all classrooms and offices). At this time, we are adding additional hardware to increase network capacity in this location.

On Friday, July 26th, from 6:00am – 9:00am, the wireless network will be intermittently unavailable in the following campus locations while we perform upgrades:

Alumni House
Barry Hall
Boland Hall
Bronstein Hall
Bronstein Garage
Campus Commons
City 175
City 183
City 215
City 219
Claver House
Drexel Library
Fine Arts East
Fine Arts West
Learning Commons
McShain (except 5th Floor)
Merion Hall
O’Pake Sports Complex
Pennbrook Apts.
Quinn Hall
Regis and Regis Annex
Science Center
St Albert’s Annex
Upress 195 City
Upress 225 City
Wolfington Center

You will be able to continue working through your wired connection. No other services will be impacted at this time.

Additionally, faculty members can expect a planned maintenance window on Blackboard’s SafeAssign.  This maintenance will take place on July 26th from 10:00am – 12:00pm.  Blackboard does not anticipate any downtime for paper submission, during
this deployment window papers will not be processed. Papers submitted during this deployment window will be queued, and reports will be delayed until after the deployment has completed.  It is recommended to not allow submissions during this time as a precaution.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these outages, please contact the TSC.

ITDL Alias Expiration

Last year, ITDL was restructured and renamed Media Services.

On July 1st, 2013 the email alias “ITDL@SJU.EDU” will no longer be active.

If you need to order technology equipment for classrooms or events, please send requests to the new email alias, “MEDIASERVICES@SJU.EDU“.

If you have any questions, please contact the TSC.

IT Outage: Planned for the Month of June

In June, Telecommunications has two separate outage windows planned in order to perform upgrades and maintenance:

1) Beginning Wednesday, June 12th at 10:00PM, until Thursday, June 13th at 2:00AM, Telecommunications will be upgrading the campus voicemail system.   At this time, menus, automated call routing and voice mailboxes will be unavailable. Callers will be unable to leave messages and users will be unable to retrieve messages during the outage.  For community safety and security, calls to the main University number as well as x1111 will still be directed to the Public Safety dispatch office during the outage.
2) On Friday, June 21st, at 5:00PM, Telecommunications will begin upgrading the campus telephone systems.

This upgrade will take place in the following order:
Moore Hall System (all phones to the West of campus) from 5:15PM – 7:30PM
McShain Hall System (Lower Merion and Maguire campus – including the Jesuit Community) from 7:30PM – 9:30PM
Barbelin Hall System (Main Philadelphia Campus) from 9:30PM – 12:00AM

This upgrade will only affect campus telephone systems (phones, fax, etc). No other services will be impacted.


If you have any questions about these outages, please contact the TSC!