Student Printing and MobilePrint


Before trying to print from a lab computer and before using SJU MobilePrint, students should first register their SJU ID Card that has issued to them by Public Safety.

How to register your SJU ID card for printing:

  1. Go to any student printer in one of the computer labs on campus.  The closest printers to Public Safety are in the Library.
  2. Swipe your SJU ID card at one of the touchscreens and card readers.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your username and password.
  4. DO NOT enter your full email address.  You should only enter your first initial, last initial, and the next 6 numbers.  (do not include the
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Once complete, you will see that you have no pending print jobs until you try to print something from a lab computer or from your phone.
  7. This completes the steps for allowing you to print.

How to use SJU Mobile Print with your SJU account

  1.  Using your SJU email address (i.e., send an email containing the document as an attachment that you wish to have printed to the Mobile Print email address:
  2.  Go to the lab nearest you and locate an open printer.
  3.  Swipe your SJU ID card at one of the touchscreen devices connected to a printer and select the document from the touchscreen.  Press Print.

Using the Mobile Print Web Release website

Once you send an email along with your document attached to, you will receive an email telling you that your documents are ready to print.  To release the jobs using the Web release website, click the link that reads, “Click to open the MobilePrint Web release website”.



Log in to the Web release website using your SJU username and password.  (Do not enter your full email address.  Leave out the



Once logged in, locate the document that you wish to print from the jobs displayed.  Check the box next to the document(s) you wish to print.



Select the lab printer you wish to print to from the drop down next to Select a Printer. The available open lab printers are listed below:

  1. DMZ-P1, DMZ-P2 which are located on the 2nd floor of the PLC
  2. Merion-P1, Merion-P2 which are located in Merion Hall room 151 print center on Maguire campus
  3. Campion-P1 which is located in the Campion 3rd floor computer lab
  4. Perch-BW which is located in the Perch
  5. PLC-BW1, PLC-BW2 and PLC-BW3 which the black and white printers located in the PLC first floor computer lab
  6. PLC-Color1 which is the color printer located in the PLC first floor computer lab
  7. Drexel-BW which is located on the first floor of the Drexel Library
  8. PLC-Color2 which is the color printer located on the first floor of the Drexel Library

Please note, on the web release website, under options you will see the document displayed in color or black and white.  If you choose to print the document that is listed as color on a black and white printer, you will not be charged (unless you are over your 200 free prints).  As soon as you choose to Print from the web release website, your jobs will print out at the printer.  You should only select Print when you are located at the desired printer.

As a note, unprinted jobs are removed from your account after 2 hours at which time you will need to resend the document(s).