Welcome Back, SJU Faculty!

Dear Colleagues, welcome back to Hawk Hill!  We hope you had an enjoyable summer.

Over the summer, the Office of Information Technology was hard at work updating technology around campus.  As always, we’ve made some updates to classroom technology based on feedback from faculty.

Classroom Updates

  • We rolled out Windows 10 in the following classrooms on campus:
    • Barbelin room 226
    • Bellarmine room 229
    • Boland Mizner
    • Science Center rooms 300, 319, 400
    • McShain rooms 2 and 3
  • Additionally, Merion Hall room 161-B is a brand new, reservable teaching space.

Additionally, we’ve undertaken a project to modernize many spaces on campus by installing new lighting, carpet, flexible seating, and technology that is more suitable to the teaching and learning styles of the faculty and students at SJU. This summer, 7 spaces were renovated.  Images from Post 302 are below.


Post 302 Before


Post 302 After

Network Improvements

Much of the work frequently done by our team is behind the scenes, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, recent improvements made by our Networking team are what keep the SJU faculty, staff, and students teaching, working, and learning (with a side of gaming on the student end). Here are some of the key things you may not see but are definitely worth mentioning:

  • New external firewall & improvements to internal firewall provide enhanced security
  • Upgraded wireless access points in LaFarge, Lannon, McShain, Rashford, Sourin, and Villiger have made the wireless in those buildings 3x faster
  • Students and faculty come to campus each year with more devices that need to connect to our network.  To address this, we have increased support for client density in the following classroom spaces:
    • Barbelin 264, 265, & 306
    • Bellarmine 215 & 216
    • Merion 161 A & B
    • Post 302
    • Drexel Library
  • In meeting with members of the community we found that there was a need for wireless in outdoor areas so we have added that in the following locations:
    • Sweeney Field bleachers
    • Post Learning Commons
    • Gest Lawn
    • Curran Field
    • St. Mary’s Lawn
    • Baseball & softball field bleachers

SJU Outdoor Wireless Coverage

Believe it or not, all of that work was completed by a team of 3!

What else do I need to know?

In addition to the work that took place over the summer, you may have missed announcements about numerous new service offerings that are now (or will soon be) available.  For full information on each of these projects, click the images below.

  • Canvas by Instructure has been selected as SJU’s new Learning Management System, scheduled to replace Blackboard beginning in 2018.





  • Zoom web conferencing is now available to all SJU faculty, staff, and students.






  • In June, SJU completed the transition of all employees to Google’s G Suite for email, calendaring, and more.




Last, but certainly, not least – SJU now has an official Mobile App!

As you may recall, in April, we officially announced the launch of SJU Mobile. The app can be downloaded at sju.edu/app and is available for Android or iOS.  While it is primarily geared towards students for our launch, that does not mean it won’t be useful to employees.  We welcome your feedback and insight into additions that you’d find useful in your role at SJU.

SJU Mobile


All of that new info is great – but how do I get help with my technology issues?

Our Service Catalog has over 130 different services provided by IT.  Simply browse to the service you would like assistance with and click the green button to the right that says “Request Service”.  From there, you’ll fill out the form with all the information we need to proceed with your request and a technician will be in touch shortly. You will need to login with your SJU credentials in order to submit the request for assistance.  Request Assistance

You can also use the search bar at the top of the window to search for any term and be presented with the Services and Articles relating to your search term.

SJU Support Portal


If you’re more into self-help, visit our KnowledgeBase, which has over 400 helpful articles.

You may also just be in the mood to speak to a person, or better yet, see one of us!  The TSC can always be reached (24/7) at 610-660-2920.

Our office hours during the semester are:
Science Center 129
Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 7:00pm
Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

You can also find us:
Twitter @sjuit
Instagram @SJU_IT

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a successful semester!