Welcome Back to the Nest Fellow Hawks

Welcome back to campus for the start of the new school year!


As you begin to settle back into campus life (or enjoy it for the first time!) and start to accept that you will not have your mom’s homemade cooking again until Fall Break, here is some information for you to read to get your mind off of home.


Below is some standard information that all students should be aware of whether you are a freshman, transfer student, or going into your final year. If you need help with understanding any of the below information, please visit our KnowledgeBase**.  You will need to login with your SJU username and password.

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For instructions on connecting to the campus wireless (sjuwireless) click on the following  link. When connecting to the campus wireless you will need both your SJU username (example: ab123456) and password. Once you connect to the wireless network you will have access to it from anywhere on campus. For the fastest speed it is best to connect an Ethernet cable while using it in dorm rooms.

Office 365

If you have not yet downloaded Office 365 or wish to add another device click here. Every student has five downloads of Office 365.  This allows you to have Office 365 on your laptop, desktop, and iPad if you wish.


When printing on campus you can use either Mobile Print, or printing from a campus computer.

Here is how to use Mobile Print

  1. Using your SJU email account, send an email containing the document as an attachment to mobileprint@sju.edu
  2. Go to the lab nearest to you and locate an open printer.
  3. Swipe your SJU ID card and select the document from the touchscreen and hit Print.

Mobile Print Locations

  • DMZ (Digital Media Zone) – P1 which is located on the 2nd floor of the PLC
  • Merion – P1 which is located in Merion Hall room 151 print center on Maguire campus
  • Campion – P1 which is located in the Campion 3rd floor computer lab
  • Perch – BW which is located in the Perch
  • PLC (Post Learning Commons) – BW1, PLC-BW2 and PLC-BW3 which the black and white printers located in the PLC 1st             floor computer lab
  • PLC – Color1 which is the color printer located in the PLC first floor computer lab
  • Drexel Library – BW which is located on the first floor of the Drexel Library
  • PLC – Color2 which is the color printer located on the first floor of the Drexel Library

The KnowledgeBase
A great tool that is at the hands of both students and faculty is the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is a website that has articles that answer a variety of questions that you may have concerning technology. If you need help connecting to wireless or accessing The Nest, you can visit our KnowledgeBase and look to see step-by-step instructions on how to set things up.

Asking for Help
When the KnowledgeBase doesn’t help you entirely you can submit a service request for the IT department to look at and give you further instructions for solving the problem. To submit a service request, you can visit our IT Support Portal.  Once on the homepage click on the Submit a Ticket button on the left hand side and you will be brought to a page where you can create your ticket. Once you have submitted your ticket IT will look at it and figure out the best course of action to take to help you solve your problem.

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Gaming/Smart TV’s
A new addition has been added this year to make setting up your gaming system, Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, or Chromecast easier to set up. To add one of these to the wireless system click on the following linkThis link will bring you to a page where you will be asked for your SJU username and password, then you will be brought to a page where you will be given the password for your device.


You will have to go through this process each time you want to add a device to the network. For example, if you have an Xbox, a Wii, and a Apple TV you will have to go through this process three times. The network that you will be adding your devices to is sjudpsk.

The TSC hopes that everyone has a smooth and successful academic year. If you need any help with setting up laptops, phones, gaming systems, or have any technology question please stop by or call. We are located in the Science Center 129. Calls can be made to (610)-660-2920.