Saying Good-bye to MySJU – January 7th

On November 18, with the redirect of MySJU, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) began the transition towards one University portal, The Nest. We first launched The Nest on March 17 and our goal with the parallel launch was to give you a chance to become acquainted with The Nest before completely removing access to MySJU.

On January 7, 2015, OIT will make the complete switch to The Nest. This means that MySJU will no longer be accessible and The Nest will be the primary location to access all SJU services.
We wanted to take the opportunity to address some questions that we have been receiving from our Feedback form (Yes, we are reading them!).

Why are we replacing MySJU?

MySJU is running on software that is outdated and will no longer be supported by the software vendor, Ellucian. Knowing that the software would be discontinued, we began a project to address the issue. Over the course of a year and a half, we worked with students, faculty, and staff to ensure the new portal would provide personalized and convenient access to SJU services. The Nest portal is now running on new hardware and software, making it more modern and secure.
Where do I find my courses in The Nest?

In The Nest, you will no longer see a page called “My Courses”. Based on feedback we received from students, we have created a page called Classes & Registration. At the top of this page, students will find direct links to Blackboard Learn where they can access their courses. Additionally, the Classes & Registration page contains direct access to Hawk Central resources, Registration Tools, Exam Schedules, Student Grades, and graduation information.You can also access your course via the Blackboard Learn quicklink on the Home Page.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have specific questions about the portal or where you can find certain items, please contact the TSC, we’re happy to provide guidance. On January 7, when we remove access to MySJU, if you find that you are missing something from The Nest, it is not gone forever. We can add it, just let us know!
We have also compiled a list of definitions and FAQs about The Nest that can be accessed by clicking here.
We understand change can be scary, but this doesn’t have to be. The Technology Service Center (TSC) is always here to help in any way. Stop by SC129, call us at 610-660-2920, email us, Facebook, or Tweet. We love hearing from you!