The Nest: Definitions and FAQs – Employee Version

1.) What is a portlet?

Portlets are the small sections within pages.  A portlet usually contains several items that are fall under a particular topic. For example, Faculty Registration Tools or Employee Resources.


2.) What is a page?

A page in The Nest is basically the tabs you see across the top when you log in. Depending on your roles at SJU you may have more or less pages than your colleagues.  All employees and faculty will have the following pages:



School Services

Campus Life

Faculty (for Faculty only)


3.) What is a quicklink?

Quicklinks are the tiny icons at the top of the Home page when you log into The Nest.  They are designed to represent the tools you access most frequently within The Nest. Clicking a Quicklink will take you directly to that tool or section.  Your Quicklinks may include:

Blackboard Learn



My Schedule

what is a quicklink

4.) Where can go to access my Time Sheet, Pay Stub, etc.?

These tools can now be found under the Employee page in The Nest. Look for a portlet called Administrative Services and follow the same steps you are used to.


5.) Where are the university announcements?

University Announcements have been replaced by “Nestlist”. Nestlist serves as the new SJU classifieds. In Nestlist, you can post about campus events, items for sale, classes. and more.

In the event of a true university emergency, the notification will be displayed prominently at the top of The Nest.



6.) I clicked a link and was given a “Session Expired” error. What do I do?  

session expired error



Clear cookies, cache and restart browser

If you have gotten this error at some point while working in The Nest, you simply need to clear your browser’s cache. Find your browser below with instructions on how to do so:

Internet Explorer

To check what version of Internet Explorer you are using, go to Help – About Internet Explorer.

If you are using Internet Explorer (11.0), you will go to Tools – Delete Browsing History and check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files and website files and Cookies and website data. Hit Delete.

If you are using Internet Explorer (10.0), you will go to Tools – Delete Browsing History and check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files and website files and Cookies and website data. Hit Delete.

If you are using Internet Explorer (9.0), you will go to Tools – Delete Browsing History and check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. Hit Delete.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox version (3.0) or earlier, please update your browser by going to

In Firefox 30, click on History – Clear Recent History.  Choose the time range of Everything.  Make sure at least the top 5 boxes are checked and hit Ok.

Google Chrome

Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand part of the browser. Click on settings. Click on “Show advanced settings…” at the bottom of the page. Under privacy click on “Clear browsing data”. Check the boxes for “Cookies” and “Cached images and files”. Finally click “Clear browsing data”.

Safari 7.0 – MAC OS

Go to Safari – Preferences.  Click Privacy then click Remove All Website Data…click Remove Now.


7.) Could you give me more information about The Nest project?

The new portal project was first introduced to campus in Fall 2013; campus community participated in “Name the Portal” contest In October 2013. Over 800 responses were submitted and The Nest was ultimately voted the winner.

The Office of Information Technology successfully launched the pilot of The Nest (with MySJU in parallel) on 3/17/14. The main focus of the pilot was on enhancing the student experience. Additional features and content for faculty and employees were added during Phase 2, which began in April 2014 and will finish up this month.  Phase 2 also including removing access to the old MySJU portal, which was accomplished on 1/7/15.

The project team has weekly meetings and our main focus is on creating a better user experience for all students, faculty and employees. We engage departments around campus and meet with faculty, staff and students to hear what they would like to see in a portal.  If you would like to be included in any future meetings, please email The Nest project manager, Lauren Adams (


8.) What’s next for The Nest?

While we are excited to deliver a new portal to the university, we are not done yet!  Phase 3 will start in February.  Some of our initial objectives are to better enhance the content by soliciting feedback as well as continuing to improve the user experience.

9.) Why did OIT decide to replace MySJU?

We wanted to launch a stable, content-rich portal running the latest version of the Luminis software, which is owned by Ellucian. Our current portal, MySJU, is running on legacy software, which will soon be discontinued by Ellucian support. This project was created to address that issue by upgrading old outdated hardware and software in order to implement a secure, dynamic environment that provides students, faculty and employees with a single point of access to web services customized to their university account.

We used input and feedback from many campus constituents, including many students and campus offices, to build a system that gives you quick access to the things you need most, including registration tools, class schedules, e-mail and calendar, and grade information.


10.) Where do I go if I need help/ cannot find something/ have additional feedback?

If you have questions, comments, concerns about The Nest – contact us! You can reach us via email at, by phone at 610-660-2920, or in person at the Technology Service Center in the Science Center, room 129.  We also have an active social media presence so if you would rather Facebook or Tweet us, please do so. or @sjuit