The Nest: Useful Links & Tools Portlet

Under the Employee Page in The Nest, you will find an enhanced portlet called “Useful Links and Tools”.  This portlet is great news for users of the following tools:

Banner INB

  • INB is short for “Internet Native Banner” and refers to the back-end of Banner that is most widely used by administrative staff to manage their data.  Offices such as Financial Affairs, Development, and Enrollment Management, just to name a few, have many staff members accessing Banner INB constantly to manage institutional data.

Banner SSB

  • The majority of faculty and staff do not access Banner INB, but use another form of Banner known as Self-Service Banner, or SSB.   When you enter students’ final grades, perform a budget query, submit or approve leave reports, or check your pay stub, you are using SSB.

Campus Pack

  • Campus Pack is a suite of tools that enable online collaboration.  Click the “Campus Pack” button to view resources or courses you are a member of a course in Campus Pack.


  • Cognos is a query and reporting tool used to analyze Banner data.  Cognos allows users to strategically determine the financial and business needs of SJU.


  • Discoverer is an ad-hoc query, reporting, analysis, and web-publishing tool. All reports currently in Discoverer are being migrated to Cognos.

We hope you find this new portlet useful and welcome your feedback!