Street Team: Being New at SJU

The TSC Street Team is pleased to announce our newest blogger, Jamie Petragnani. Jamie is a Sophomore, English major and has worked with us for one year.  Stay tuned for more of Jamie’s writing throughout the semester!


Hawk Hill is beginning to fill with familiar faces and a slew of new hawks trying to find their dorms, classes, and so much more. As a rising sophomore, it is hard to believe that just one year ago I was in their shoes. I remember the nerves, the excitement, and the major adjustments that come with living on campus. As a freshman, you are no longer living in the comfort of the house where you have spent the majority of your life, where you know where everything is, and most likely you are not sharing one bathroom with 12 other people. I understand the stress and hopefully I can shed a little light on how to make your transition simpler.

After packing up your cars, driving to your building, and lugging all of your stuff into your new “home”, you are finally ready to settle in and get all of your computers, TVs, smart phones, and game consoles hooked up and ready to go. But how exactly are you supposed to do that? First and foremost, it is important to know that the Technology Service Center, or TSC for short, is always here to help you with any problem concerning any form of technology. Need the wifi set up on your laptop? Stop by science center 129. Your phone? Science center 129. Unable to access your SJU Gmail, Blackboard Learn, or The Nest? Science Center 129. Studying (cough) kept you up late and you don’t want to walk down to the Science Center? You can get over the phone support from the TSC by calling 610-660-2920 at any time. We are here to make sure you can always access your classes, finish up your papers, or stream Orange is the New Black from Netflix whenever you need to. (Everyone watches Orange is the New Black right? You should, it’s great.)



So, now that you know where to go if you have a problem, let’s talk about some resources you can access to make your transition time at SJU easier. The best resource for all things SJU is “The Nest” which can be access by going to On The Nest you can register for classes, check all of your student bills, buy your textbooks, and so much more! Basically you can access anything related to your academic career on The Nest, but that’s not all. You are also free to post or view listings on The Nest List, located on the home page, for anything from a campus job application to the sale of used textbooks for cheap. The Nest is the University’s portal and the best way to access anything you may need for school online.

Brand new for this year, the TSC is happy to offer our Repair IT program. With this new program, any student who’s laptop may have gotten damaged (through no fault of your own ;]) can bring their system to the TSC, we can diagnose it, and if it needs to be sent out for repairs, the student has to opportunity to pay for the cost of repairs and nominal labor fee, then get a loaner from the TSC while their computer is being repaired. This way, no student needs to be subjected to sitting for 8 hours at a time in the middle of the library while attempting to finish their work.

Repair IT Logo-01

All in all, transitioning to college can be intimidating. For some students, you’ll be moving states away from your parents, friends, and everything that is familiar. The most important thing to remember is, everyone feels like this. Everyone is a little scared, a little excited, and a whole lot of nervous about being on their own for the first time. To work through the awkward “get to know me” phase of your freshman year, there are little things you can do to break the ice with your roommate, your suitemates, or your floor-mates. Do you have a Netflix or Hulu account? Why not host a movie night? Do you have an Xbox or PS3? Why not host a Madden or FIFA tournament? Have season tickets for basketball? Ask around and get a group of people to sit together and cheer on the hawks. The best thing to remember is that every freshman is new to campus and is looking for some new things to do; by setting up this simple events, you can easily get people together and talking and before you know it, SJU is going to feel just like home. Just make sure you have some snacks: if you have snacks, they will come. (Shout out to Field of Dreams).