Wireless Devices and Services


The purpose of this document is to establish University policy and procedures for the procurement, possession, and use of wireless telecommunication devices and services. Wireless telecommunication devices include, but are not limited to, cellular telephones, two-way radios, smart phones, cellular modems and pagers (wireless device). This document provides guidelines to ensure that the use of a wireless device for University business is properly authorized and monitored and to ensure that the University is correctly reimbursed for chargeable personal use of University owned wireless devices.  Personal use of such devices should be limited to incidental use.  Taxability of the personal use of telecommunications devices is subject to IRS regulations.

User Qualifications

Employees may qualify for a wireless device only if the employee’s department head    has determined that such a device is a requirement for the performance of the employee’s job, the departmental budget manager has determined that funds are available in the budget, and the following criteria are met:

  • The job requires the employee to be mobile with direct client contact. Direct client contact means contact with SJU administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni or other constituents related to the job; or
  • The job consistently requires timely and business critical two-way communications for which there is no reasonable alternative technology. (Note: In order to obtain approval for a PDA device, the job must require timely and business critical access to email via a wireless handheld device).
  • An employee’s eligibility based on these requirements must be documented by the department head on a Wireless Device Authorization Form, available from the Office of Information Technology.

Service Suppliers & Equipment

  • Procurement of wireless devices and services shall be the responsibility of the Office of Information Technology. Only the specific devices, cellular service suppliers and approved service plans sourced through the Office of Information Technology department may be used. The employee’s department will be charged for the wireless equipment and accessories, as well as for any installation and monthly service fees.
  • In consultation with the employee and budget manager, the Office of Information Technology will select a plan that satisfies the basic needs and coverage area required by the job, as well as the most cost effective plan. Taking into consideration that changes to usage plans often require extensions to contracts, usage plans will be reviewed and approved annually.
  • Invoices for wireless devices and services will be directed to Accounts Payable, who will pay the invoice.   Accounts Payable will send department heads an Approval Form to verify and approve the calls and charges. The department head or designee will sign the approval form and return it to Accounts Payable. In the event of any discrepancies or disputes, the responsible department head or designee must follow up with Accounts Payable for billing issues and the Office of Information Technology for non-billing issues.

Use of Wireless Devices

  • Employees shall use University-provided wireless devices for necessary, business-related purposes and should limit the use of these devices for personal reasons to incidental use only. All chargeable personal use must be reimbursed to the University.
  • Use of a University wireless device for private, commercial or consulting purposes is not permitted.
  • A wireless device is to be used only by the individuals or the department to whom it was issued.
  • Employees shall be responsible for the safekeeping, care and custody of any wireless device assigned to them.
  • Wireless devices that are no longer required because of termination of employment or change in job status shall be returned to the Office of Information Technology so that service can be terminated.
  • Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the employee’s respective divisional Vice President.

Reimbursement of Wireless Services

The University will reimburse employees for reasonable charges associated with University-related business calls placed on personally-owned wireless devices to the extent that such charges exceed the employee’s service plan.  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted on a properly completed and approved Business Expense Reimbursement form that is supported by the original bill, with the business purpose details of the charge to be reimbursed appropriately identified.