IT is CAS-ifying Zimbra!

Next Wednesday, March 12th, the Office of Information Technology will implement a change to the way Zimbra authenticates users which will require a change to the Zimbra login page (   With the change, Zimbra will use a single sign-on authentication method called Central Authentication Service (CAS) that unifies the login process of many SJU applications (such as The Nest, Blackboard, Zimbra). Instead of having to manually login to each application separately, only one login, regardless of the application, is needed per browser session. As long as you do not exit your browser, any application you wish to use will automatically be authenticated with your credentials, removing the need for multiple logins. This makes it easier to access multiple applications simultaneously.  CAS also provides a means for these applications to remain secure while not inconveniencing you with having to log on to every service.


If you typically log into Zimbra through, the login page will now look different than what you are used to.

However, the login page will now be uniform with other SJU services.  Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see on March 12th:

zimbra-CAS login.png

For security purposes, we would like to remind you to log out of all SJU services when you are finished working in them.

All you will need to do is click “Log Out” or “Sign Out” in the top right corner of the application and close out of your browser!


If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please contact the TSC.