Street Team: Legal Ways to Watch Movies

As winter break progresses, some of you might start feeling a bit bored of flipping through TV channels during your free time. You’ve worked your shifts for the weeks if you have a winter job, and you’ve caught up with most of your friends from home, so now you’re wondering what should I do next? Before you go online to download some movie or TV show illegally to pass the time, check out this list of places to watch them legally, and enjoy your holiday without getting into trouble with the law.

Subscription sites

  1. You have probably all heard of Netflix before, but in case you haven’t, it is a place to “watch TV shows and movies anytime anywhere.” It offers tons of free movies but you do have to sign up and get a subscription for $7.99, but they do offer a free month if you want to try it out.
  2. Another super popular place to find streaming videos is Hulu. Hulu has a bunch of B-rated movies you might never have heard of but there are some gems you can find if you search for a bit. Some of the better titles are available on Hulu Plus which is also $7.99 a month but gives you a week to try it out ( we won’t judge if you watch to binge watch all your TV shows the week of your free trial).
  3. Amazon Prime lets you watch popular movies and TV and also gives you free shipping and a free kindle book loan each month. It gives you a free 30-day trial but after that is gets pretty pricey at $79 a year. But it does offer more for its subscribers than most other sites.
  4. Xfinity TV If you’re a Comcast subscriber, you already have access to movies on demand on your TV, Fancast provides a wider selection of free movies to watch online. You can also rent the movies on your TV with on demand.


If you don’t feel like paying for a monthly subscription, a few companies have pay-as-you-go move rentals such as Blockbuster’s On Demand, Best Buy’s CinemaNow, Vudu, and even iTunes. These sites are generally better for those of you who want to watch new releases instantly.


1. A lot of these sites provide you with films that are on the public domain, which means they will most likely not be the newest releases. These sites are great if you want to brush up on your classics, westerns, indies, or noir films.

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