Street Team: Holiday Gift Ideas


With the holiday season sneaking up on us, now is the perfect time for an article with some new and exciting tech gifts. These gifts can be perfect to give to friends or family. You could even ask Santa for a few of these if you want to. Some of these ideas, such as different iPhone cases, pens, bluetooth keyboards and headphones, could really come in handy for everyday life .

There are a bunch of different iPhone cases on the market today. Some are meant for just style, others are for durability, waterproofing, and even charging. OtterBox and LifeProof cases are the most common iPhone cases. OtterBox cases are generally cheaper than LifeProof cases, but LifeProof cases are waterproof. They can range from around $30-$100 if you are paying full price. Some cases that are meant for style can be found for much cheaper. Some can be found on amazon for just a few dollars. There are new iPhone cases that have built in chargers. If your phone is low on battery you can put it in the case to get extended battery life. One brand, UNU, sells these cases for $45 at full price.

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A major part of college is note taking. There are now technology pens that help you with your notes. While you take regular notes with ink on paper, all of your notes are converted into digital notes that can be later edited, archived, and shared. You can take multiple pages of notes with these pens with ease. There are apps that can be downloaded so these notes can be viewed directly on your smartphone or tablet. These pens can be very handy but are relatively expensive. There are many different brands to buy from that have different features on these pens that can be found anywhere from $100-$300.


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Bluetooth keyboards have become very popular and useful for note taking and writing papers on the go. These keyboards can help write on tablets or phones. Typing a twenty word text message or post on Facebook can be simple enough on different devices, but writing a two page paper on a touch screen tablet would not be very pleasant. Keyboards allow you to type efficiently and easily. Some keyboards are specifically made for Android phones and tablets. Apple also has Bluetooth keyboards that can connect to any Mac, or iPad. Both of these keyboards can be found generally at around $70.

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Headphones are a great gift to think about for the holidays. Many people don’t want to spend a ton of money on big designer headphones that go over your ears, but some of the in-ear headphones don’t block out sound enough. Lots of different companies have been working on noise canceling in-ear headphones to get the best of both worlds. Sony has had Noise canceling ear buds for a while for around $70 at full price. This is still much cheaper than paying $300 for Beats by Dre. Bose has also been putting out commercials for their new noise canceling headphones which are around $100 full price.


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Many products are designed specifically for apple products, but there is a new innovative product that apple does not have first dibs on. Samsung has recently come out with a smart watch that is connected with your phone. This watch is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S 4. This new watch is equipped with a touch screen and allows you to receive cals, emails, and text all on the watch. This can be done so in a much less distracting way then having to pull out your phone in the middle of a conversation or other scenarios.



Bluetooth seems to be a very common feature that has been incorporated in almost all technology products on the market today including speakers. Bluetooth speakers now come in all different shapes, sizes, and prices.  Some of the more standard speakers like the Jambox by Jawbone have a good quality sound to them and can get relatively loud for the size of them. They go for around $100 and can allow 10 hours of listening time before recharging the battery.  You can find much cheaper alternatives for about $15-20 that have very similar features but the quality of music will not be as good and the batteries can only last about 6 hours. Depending on how loud and what sound quality of music you want to listen to you can find the perfect pair of Bluetooth speakers with such a wide variety to choose from.


The holiday season brings tons of new items on the market. The good news about all of these new tech gadgets that can be very helpful to college students is that there are always sales during this time of year. With non-stop sales for the next month or so all of these gifts could be found at great prices.