Street Team: Midterm Studying Tips

This week, Andrew Wyschynskyj, a Sophmore, Food Marketing major, has some midterm studying tips for you. Andrew has been with the TSC since he started at SJU in 2012.  He recently became a Brand Ambassador for the Office of Information Technology.  We love his enthusiasm for SJU and OIT and are thrilled to have him as a member of the Street Team!


Midterm Studying Tips

The new school year has started a few weeks ago, and it does not really seem to feel that new anymore. Now that there are midterms right around the corner we all start to stress out about our grades. Everyone has a different style of getting ready for their exams, but there are a few general study tips that can be useful for many people. If you have good study habits and study techniques, then you will be prepared for your midterms and keep your stress levels to a minimum.


The first thing you need remember is not to wait until the night before your exam to start studying.  I know many of you are procrastinators like I am, but seriously, study early!

  • Space out your studying
  • Review a little bit each night
  • Review right before/after each class. (if you ever get to class early just review your notes from last class)


You should learn the general concepts first. It helps to understand what you’re studying, before learning the smaller details.

  • Highlight major topics
  • Make an outline of your notes
  • Study from concept to detail
  • Make flashcards for important vocabulary words.  StudyBlue is a cool app where you can create “flashcards” and share study materials with other students in your classes. iTunes U is also a cool app that has supplemental videos and lectures on a topic you may be studying!image

Some studies have shown that you are able to remember more at the beginning and end of a study session compared to the middle of a session. This is a good excuse to use to stop studying for a bit when it is getting boring.

  • Take short breaks while studying
  • Change up the order you study the material


The best way to know if you are prepared for the exam is to see how much you actually know.

  • Take practice a practice test
  • Have a friend quiz you, or quiz a friend
  • Use the review questions at the end of each chapter


Friends and other students in the class can help make studying less boring, and make you more willing to actually do it.

  • Form study groups (with other students who will actually study)
  • Go to SI sessions


There can be a lot of distractions to prevent you from studying. Try to find a good location where you have access to everything you need, but will not be tempted to do anything other than study.

  • Avoid studying in your bed (or you may fall asleep, I know I have)
  • Stay away from loud, or social environments
  • Common places to study on campus (Drexel Library, Campion, dorm lounges, Claver)drexel

You know what works best for you so put your headphones in and tune out everyone else if necessary.  It’s a fact that most student’s don’t study without technology anymore, so don’t forget that if you run into any technology problems while studying, we’re here! The TSC has 24/7 phone support and walk-in hours everyday.  As Rich touched on in a past article, make sure to back your school work up and save it in more than one place (Dropbox, your Gmail account, a flash drive, anywhere)! You don’t want to lose the only copy of your work the night before it’s due.


Good luck!