Spotlight: Media Services

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has a great deal to offer the Saint Joseph’s University campus, but there are some departments within IT that many people may not have heard of and therefore cannot take advantage of.  OIT is comprised of User Services, Application Services, Computer Services, Network Services, System Administration, Telecommunications, Web Services, Office of the CIO, and Media Services.  Over the next few months, we will be highlighting the individual areas and the work they do for campus.

Media Services (previously ITDL) is generally known campus wide as the classroom support specialists, but the department offers much more than that.  Media Services is divided into three teams: Classroom Support, Engineering, and the Production Team.

The Engineering Team focuses on upgrading technology in classrooms. The team has been working hard to create and uphold a general standard for all classrooms. Besides the normal in-class computers and projectors, they install special equipment upon request. Their goal is to create a campus where the learning spaces meet the needs of faculty and advance student learning. Their most technologically advanced classroom is Merion 174. It is a new collaborative technology classroom designed to support the expansion of the Communication Studies program. Some other technologically advanced classrooms include Mandeville 295, 310, and 313. Cool equipment they have installed includes a wireless desktop sharing system where students can project their desktop image to the class, and an interactive display that acts like a virtual whiteboard where teachers can annotate notes and save them.



Classroom Support is available to help maintain the classroom equipment. Media service has offices located on both in Merion and in Barbelin to reduce wait time if a problem arises on either side of campus. The team also performs routine checks on all the equipment to eliminate problems before they start. They have a monitoring system set up so they can remotely troubleshoot issues and pinpoint troublesome equipment.



The Production Team is where creativity meets technology. For students, the production team loans out equipment, such as projectors, cameras, tripods etc. They also provide troubleshooting for cameras and major-specific equipment for communications and film students. Faculty can make requests for recording, setting up and recording a class, editing, authoring and copying DVDs, or setting up live stream events for guest lecturers. The production team works with faculty and staff to create concepts for projects and can arrange outsourced services such as voice overs or sound mixing.

The production team is currently involved in some really interesting projects. They are currently compiling a documentary of the history of SJU by interviewing around fifteen people who have been on campus over various decades. The video will highlight how the campus and culture has change, especially since changing from an all-boys school. They are also working on creating a video about the Bolivia exchange trip available to faculty and staff every other year. The exchange includes an immersion trip for SJU faculty and staff to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the local people, and a trip to SJU for Bolivian educators on the off years. You can view some of the production team’s other projects on the SJU YouTube page, and occasionally in the news section of the SJU website. Past projects include the virtual tour on the SJU webpage, a video on summer scholars found at and our own TSC video. The video they made for the TSC recently won the Communications Award of Excellence in the category of Short Promotional Video/Audio from SIGUCCS (Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Service) and can be found at

Follow these links to check out some more of the production team’s videos:


The staff that make up the Media Services department are:

Jim Wilson: Director & Chief Engineer

Mark Beideman: Manager, Classroom Services (SJU alumnus)

Ben Ellis: Manager, Media & Event Services (SJU alumnus)

Ed Basile: Tech Operations Specialist

Justin Fowler: Engineer

Mike Gallagher: Video Production Director (SJU alumnus)

Angela Gisondi: Senior Tech Ops Specialist (SJU alumna)

Gary Greco: Senior Tech Ops Specialist

Dan Moretz: Video Production Technician

Michael Troy: Tech Ops Specialist

Kyle Tucker: Assistant Engineer

Jason Ward: Tech Operations Specialist


To contact Media Services:


Call Main Campus x1170 or Merion Campus x3360

For high-end production projects contact Ben Ellis at

*The production team is happy to partner with other departments to improve their image!