OS X Mavericks Upgrade Policy

*This message is intended for employees and faculty members who have a Mac issued to them by Saint Joseph’s University.  If you have a computer running Windows, this email will not apply to you.*


On Tuesday, Apple released the new version of their operating system, OS X Mavericks.  What’s different about this release is that they’ve now offered Mavericks as a free upgrade within the App Store on all Macs running their previous OS, Mountain Lion.  As in the past, users are reminded that they should not perform an upgrade on their Mac such as this.  Operating system upgrades have many unforeseen issues, which result in hardware and software incompatibilities, application and data loss, and significant disruption to the configurations and customizations implemented by the Office of Information Technology.  An upgraded Mac may have to be wiped and redelivered with a supported version of the Mac OS X when incompatibilities arise.


If you have already performed the upgrade, you should contact your I.T. Liaison, or our Technology Service Center, so they can determine the next steps that should be taken.  Attached below is a picture of what the upgrade option will look like within your App Store updates.  If you are presented with this as an available update, please ignore it.  Any other updates that are available can be installed yourself or by contacting the Technology Service Center.  IT will continue to test new operating systems and work with the different departmental liaisons so that we can properly support the community and provide the best computing environment possible.



If you have any questions, please contact the TSC!