Street Team: Initial Feedback on iOS7

iPhone Home Screen (iOS 6 v iOS7)

After hearing many passionate reviews on the new iOS7 on blogs and twitter, the TSC decided to find out how our SJU students feel about the new upgrade.  Katie went on a mission to get reviews around campus.


Here’s what SJU students had to say:

“I like that it’s new and refreshing. The new notification center is very informative and convenient and the new ringtones and sounds are more fun. The new camera is more high tech and the upgraded navigation system is better for walking. I think certain people don’t like the extreme change of colors and style.”

Jess Russo, Food Marketing ‘15


“I don’t like the new text messages. I think the iOS7 looks ‘juvenile.’ I feel like the software makes the phone look older and not as cutting edge as the software before.”

Kylie Smeraglio, Education ‘14


“I think it’s weird, it’s trying to copy the Samsung Galaxy and doesn’t feel very ‘Apple’ and all around not very manly.”

Ryan Masserano, Sports Marketing ‘15


“I’m iffy about it. I don’t like setup but I do like the navigation system. It also seems to make my phone slower.”

Lauren Brands, Political Science ‘15


“I like it. The design is fresh and new. I love the colors and the new background but it’s slow and takes up more battery.”

Hannah Tomkovicz, Food Marketing ‘16


“The update is way more efficient but it was weird at first. I think people are afraid cause it’s new.”

Andrew Kolpack, Finance-Management double major ‘15


“It’s ok… I’m just used to the other one. It’s very bright and I don’t like chat bubbles in the new iMessage.”

Tori Evans, Early Childhood Development and Special Ed ‘16


Many students with the update were not as passionate as what has been circulating the internet, but the consensus was that it was definitely a change they would have to get used to but seemed to be alright so far.

As of those who did update their phones, some cited they were told by websites to wait about two months, other didn’t have enough room on their phone or just hadn’t gotten around to it yet; however not many were refusing to eventually upgrade like some tweeters are.


What are your initial thoughts?