Street Team: Back to School and the Perfect Speakers

The Office of Information Technology blog will now have a special column featuring student writers, under the category “Street Team”.  Each week you can expect an article from a student geared toward students!

This week, we will be featuring an article from Katie Baldwin. Katie is a Junior International Marketing major. She has worked in IT since she was a freshman and was recently promoted to the position of Brand Ambassador for the Technology Service Center (TSC).  Katie serves as a member of our newly created TSC Street Team so be on the lookout for her around campus!

We’re excited for Katie to be serving in the new role and invite you to read below for her article:

Best Speakers for Fall 2013

While moving in and trying to create the perfect living space this year, I overheard a few people discussing the cool concepts for speakers that have recently become popular. Living in dorms means that making a space your own is a must.  Whether you do that through colorful bedding, a big gaming setup, or unique posters is up to you; however, adding an extra touch like some funky speakers can really light up a room. Some cool designs for speakers include:

  • These little headphonies are generally widely available around local stores. They are tiny and very portable, but still add an extra design factor to spice up your music.  Bonus: they are very reasonably priced!

  • Biodegradable speakers in a donut shape might not be what you think of normally, but its a way to go green while still enjoying your music. (Pulpop Mp3 Speakers)

  • Or there are also cardboard speakers you can go green and get creative with that are less expensive (Eco Nation speakers by Merkury)


  • Animal shaped speakers have also been a trend, such as these pig ones, or these panda one

IDEA pig speakersMYKIND panda speakers


  • One of the most talked about designs this summer has been these water speakers. I have several friends who own and love these cool speakers.

Check out a video of them in action at

USB Powered Colorful LED Fountain Dancing Water Music Speakers

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the sound quality of most of these speakers though, mostly because their focus is the design and not the sound quality.


If you’re looking for something with a high audio quality, Altec Lansing makes some really good speakers that won’t break the bank. They have a big selection of various designs depending on what you’re looking for.  Check out some reviews at

Dayton B652 speakers also provide surprisingly good sound quality for a relatively inexpensive price tag.

Personally, I would suggest investing in a really good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. You can blast music as loud as you want and not disturb your neighbors or roommate, but you can also quietly listen to music without overhearing the argument going on next door. I have a pair of Sony MDR-NC13 noise canceling headphones which I got just before freshman year and have been a lifesaver (especially for sophomores and upperclassmen living on the Overbrook campus who take the shuttle in every morning). Also, look out for noise isolating headphones, which generally don’t handle low frequency, bass tones as well, but can block voices and inconsistent sounds better.

Some current reviews suggest:

  • Klipsch Image s4A

  • Bose Quiet Comfort collection

  • Shure’s  SE215 Sound isolating earbuds

They can get to be a little pricey, but keep in mind that the less you spend the less likely they will be to block out all sound. Same for the speakers, the cheaper they are, the probability that the audio quality is bad goes up.

Welcome back to SJU!