Zimbra Upgrade: August 11, 2013 from 3:00am – 5:00pm

The time we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! The Office of Information Technology is excited to announce that this Sunday, August 11th, beginning at 3:00am, we will start upgrading our Zmail server.  This transition will be seamless for you, whether you use the web client (zmail.sju.edu) or an external email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail.  You will experience notably faster performance, as well as a more user-friendly, modern looking web client.

zimbra with desc


Due to the magnitude of this upgrade, we anticipate the process being completed by 5:00pm on Sunday.  During this upgrade window, you will not have access to zmail.sju.edu or receive any new email via Outlook, Mac Mail, tablets or mobile devices.  You will not lose any email – your incoming email will be queued until the new server is up and running.


Upon completion of the upgrade, every faculty and staff member at SJU can expect the following new, frequently requested features and functions upon logging into zmail.sju.edu:


  • Double the amount of quota space that you had in your prior Zmail.  <insert applause here!>


  • Read receipt: You can flag a message that you write to have a return receipt message sent back to you when the recipient opens your message.


  • Restore previously deleted email messages: You have the ability to recover a deleted message from the Trash folder for 30 days after you’ve deleted it.


  • Send Email Later:  You can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent.


  • Mail Fetch: You can now retrieve older mail by simply scrolling through your mailbox, rather than going to next page.


  • Spam Control: Additional spam control now allows you to block specific email addresses from within the web client.


  • Horizontal three-panel view option: This feature, similar to Outlook, allows you to view your mailboxes, sorted e-mail, and reading pane in one window.


  • Calendar Options: With your Zimbra Calendar, you now have the option to view two weeks in a list view.


  • Copy Meetings: In your Zimbra 7 Calendar, you can now copy existing meetings.


We will have TSC staff ready to assist you on Monday morning with any questions or issues you may have about the new Zmail system.  Please call us at x2920 and we will promptly answer.


We are excited to deliver this new and improved email tool to you and hope it meets your needs!