Classroom and Lab Technology Improvements

In order to enhance the teaching and learning experience at SJU, we’ve been actively working on improvements to the classroom and lab technology on campus.  Not only did we replace existing technology, but we added new presentation equipment to classrooms that did not have it prior and completed a major enhancement to the Moot Board Rooms.

We’re extremely excited to say that now, for the first time ever, EVERY teaching and learning space on campus now has presentation technology installed! So, no matter what classroom or lab you are in, you will have the technology you need to make a presentation.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and where:


Merion Hall – room 174, a new collaborative technology classroom, is the marque classroom of this summer’s improvements. Designed to support the expansion of the Communication Studies program, this classroom features state-of-the-art technology in a flexible layout giving faculty and students maximum flexibility.

Bellarmine Hall – rooms 102 and 229 have completely new installations, which include a PC, Bluray/DVD player, document camera, VGA & HDMI laptop input and a projector or LCD display.

McShain Hall – rooms 2, 3, and 4 were installed as well with a PC, Bluray/DVD, document camera, VGA and HDMI laptop input.

Post Hall – rooms 101,302 and 305, now have a Mac Mini, Bluray/DVD Player, document camera, Laptop VGA & HDMI input.

Science Center – room 434 has a completely new installation with a PC, Bluray/DVD, document camera, VGA and HDMI laptop input.

Note: All of the upgrades and new installs do not feature VHS players.  However, one can easily be provided, if needed.

In addition to adding new technology to rooms, we have also upgraded existing presentation technology in 14 teaching spaces across campus, including the following:

Barbelin Hall – rooms 225 and 226 have a PC, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Post Hall – rooms 203 and 204 have a Mac Mini, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Science Center – rooms 300 and 400 have a PC, Laptop VGA/HDMI input and document camera.

Additionally, nearly 200 lab and teaching podium computers were replaced as well as 750 more computers updated in labs and classrooms across campus!


All this was made possible by the great work of our Media Services and Lab Support teams, who worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure all of this technology was installed and ready to go when you return. A special thanks goes out to all of these folks that made all of this happen!

If you have any questions regarding a specific classroom, please contact Media Services at x1770 or email and we will be happy to help!

Have a great semester!