Find my iPad/iPhone/Mac

When getting a new Apple device, there is an important safety feature that users should activate: iCloud. If you use the iCloud and the supported applications (Find My iPhone) on your device, you can easily find them if they are stolen or lost.  This link provides instructions on setting up this tool on your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.  Users simply install the apps and sign into in order to see the location of all of their devices on a map.

Additionally, the TSC would like to stress the importance of LOCKING your devices in order to protect sensitive data.  To set a passcode lock on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings – General – Passcode Lock and click “Turn Passcode On”.   If someone attempts to unlock your device with the incorrect Passcode, the device will disable temporarily.  You also have the option of automatically erasing all content after ten incorrect attempts.  Please be aware that once your phone is erased it will need to be restored from a backup.



It is important to not put sensitive information on anything portable unless that item is properly secured. If you have any questions about the security features available on your iPhone or iPad, how to back up the devices, or running updates please contact the TSC!