Windows 8 at SJU

At this time, we are in the process of testing Windows 8.  We will continue to install and support Windows 7 on all SJU owned machines.  For faculty and staff making personal computer purchases, please be aware that not all SJU services currently work with Windows 8.  If you are making a personal computer purchase, we recommend that you purchase Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise.  We do not recommend Windows RT if you use your personal computer for SJU related business.  One particular drawback to Windows RT is the use of Zimbra web. will not load in its default Advanced Version.  Instead, you will have to choose the Standard Version with limited functionality.

Additional applications that will not work with Windows 8 at this time include:

ZCO (Zimbra Connector to Outlook).  If you are an employee using Outlook, you use this application

Secure Remote

Banner (Windows RT)

We will keep the university posted as to the progress of our testing.